1 - George MacMillan

George MacMillan is the current World Champion in the BriSCA F2 class, a title he won in front of a huge crowd here at the Racewall in 2014. Stock Car racing  has a long history in the MacMillan family with George's Grandfather (who sadly passed away in late 2014) having raced in the 1960's here at Cowdenbeath before his son, George's father took over the reins in the Superstox class before joining the BriSCA F2 fray at Newtongrange in 1982 becoming the first Scot to win the Scottish Championship and then went on to have a long and successful career in the F2's including winning the 1993 British Championship here at the Racewall.

Another generation of the MacMillan family were about to hit the track as George (Jnr Jnr!) made his debut in the Ministox where he found himself in the middle of most of the action and made a number of long-time friends, a few of whom are now racing alongside him in the BriSCA F2's. Upon reaching the age of 16, the natural progression for George was to the open-wheeled stox class in the now familliar MacMillan orange colour scheme and racing under the number 318, the 100 race number being retained by his father. After a few seasons and successfully reaching the Star (Red) Grade, George took over the 100 number, and with the close support of his Father, Grandfather and family and firends George set about establishing himself as one of the top drivers in the sport (and also one of the most popular).

2012 saw the hosting of the British Championship at the Racewall and under blazing blue skies George was on the grid trying to become only the second Scottish driver (after his father) to win the title on home soil. In a destructive race with numerous stoppages, George managed to skillfully reach the front however a late race stoppage saw engine trouble deny him loose power and unable to hold onto the lead. His second place finish behind 795 Alan Kircaldy was however still a great acheivement and there were emotional scenes as he was congratulated and comisserated by his father who was at the time battling hard against cancer, a battle he sadly lost later that year.

Although difficult, George continued to race, just as his father would have wanted, and in 2013 he found himself leading the World Championship at Taunton, where with just two laps to go he found himself in a commanding position with his nearest opposition out of sight. An clash ahead between a couple of backmarkers changed the direction of the race however and knocked George of course and into a backmarker alolowing the chasing pack through and another moment of heartbreak for the MacMillan team.

As any true professional sportsman, George picked himself up from the disapointment and focussed on the racing (and the social aspect around it). He set his sights on qualifying for the 2014 World Final, to be held on his home turf. His task was not helped by limited number of appearances given work and budget constraints and then a tricky qualification via the small tight Shale track of Mildenhall on a wet evening. George however managed to be the top Scottish qualifyer, allbeit with a number of very quick and experienced English/Northern Irish drivers ahead.

Under the floodlights on a warm September evening one of the largest crowds in Stock Car racing awaited expectantly for the race to get underway. George survived the expected first lap carange and found himself in the top 3 places as the race began to settle down. Moving up to second place he was catching the leader, 401 Barry Goldin slowly but there looked to not be enough laps to catch. It was Goldin who encountered misfortune, sliding heavily into the Racewall after a car in fronts engine let go. MacMillan managed to avoid crashing himself, and whilst concerned for his friend Goldin who was receving care from the medical team, now found himself leading the World Final once again, but this time on home soil in front of a partisan crowd with the likes of 886 Chris Bradbury and 7 Gordon Moodie in chase.  As the laps counted down the crowd began to roar louder and louder as they willed on George to the biggest win of his career (to date!) - with jubilant and emotional scenes as he was greeted on track by a huge number of well-wishers, none more important than his Mother and Grandfather.

George therefore enters 2015 wearing proudly the Gold Roof and looking to make appearances across the BriSCA tracks of the UK, both Shale and Tarmac. A great example of a driver who has always raced on a budget and enjoys the sport and the firendship it brings regardless of the results.