Technical Specs & Licences

Licence forms for GMP drivers can be downloaded below:

2019 GMP Scotland ORCi Licence Application

(F2 & Saloon Stock Car drivers should licence via BriSCAF2/SSCA)


Technical and rules of racing for 2017 have been published for the formulae listed below. Please click on the formula.

1300 Stock Cars (Updated 5th March 2018)

National Bangers (Updated 11 January 2017)

Prostocks (Updated January 2018)

Ministox (Updated 27 February 2018)

Stock Rods (Updated 7 February 2018)

Prostock Basics (Updated 5th March 2018)

ORCi General Rules of Racing (Updated 31 January 2017)

ORCi Driver Safety Equipment Specifications (Updated1 march 2018)

ORCi Drivers Levy (Added 31 January 2017)