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Ministox Technical Update

29th April 2015

The ORCi Ministox Sub Committee confirms that from 1 May 2015 the Technical Specifications regarding camber on wheels will be as follows. A maximum of 2 degrees of camber (positive or negative) on any wheel will be permitted, except the passenger side front which remains at a maximum of 4 degrees.

A reminder that all suspension components must be as per the 2015 Technical Specifications, with the following exceptions:

You may modify the driver’s side track control arm by up to a maximum of 20mm in length, to give a maximum of 2 degrees of camber on the wheel.
The modified component is not permitted to be adjustable on the vehicle.

Camber on the rear wheels may be achieved by elongating the mounting holes on either the outer bracket for the rear radius arms or the sub frame. This is designed purely to achieve camber on the wheels up to a maximum of 2 degrees, and not for the purposes of creating rear wheel steer etc. This ruling is being introduced on a trial basis for the remainder of 2015 and will be closely monitored. Should the rule be deemed to being used for purposes other than permitted camber on the wheels, the scrutineer has the right to insist a car is altered before it races.

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