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22nd July 2017

GMP Scotland take pride in still producing a full-colour raceday programme which is included with entry (whilst supplies last). The production of a weekly programme given our weekly schedule of meetings from March till October is no mean feat and we would like to thank our regular contributors and photographers for their assistance in peicing it together.

A new initiative for 2017 will see us publish each of our weekly programmes online following our race meeting. This will both allow those unable to attend to keep up with the news and happenings, as well as compensate for those unfortunate occasions where the size of our crowd exceeds the number of programmes printed and we run out early - an issue we do try to avoid.

THe programmes will be available for upto 7 days in PDF format.

The latest programme is listed below:

22 July 2017

Page 1 and 16

Page 2 and 15

Page 3 and 14

Page 4 and 13

Page 5 and 12

Page 6 and 11

Page 7 and 10

Page 8 and 9

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