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Season review - 1300cc Stock Cars

22nd January 2018

The 1300 saloon formula has grown out of all recognition over the past couple of seasons and at the end of this season there were 30 drivers who had raced over the season although a couple had used the hire car to experience the racing.

There were meetings at Barford for the 1300s as well as a weekend’s racing up at Crimond and they were generally well attended.

The track points started off with Fraser Anderson (Cowdenbeath), Grant McGowan (Grangemouth) and Fraser Clark (Camelon) the main contenders but due to business commitments Anderson fell away from the racing and he ended up selling his car to Dale Burt (Lochgelly) who had sold his formula II and returned to the 1300saloons.

Lisa Freebairn (Motherwell) was one of the new faces that appeared over the year along with Gordon Myers (Dunfermline), Dougie Kidd (Easthouses) and Peter Henderson (Lanark) whilst there were the occasional outings from the Baird’s and the Gold’s.

Jason Secker (Denny) made a big impression on the scene when he appeared mid season and whilst he won a good few races he sold his car at the end of the season as he prepares for his move to the 2 litre saloons.

The championship races for the 1300saloon drivers came late on during the season with Secker going through to win the Turner trophy.

Another public draw for the 1300saloons saw Peter Henderson and Lee Wilson share the front row with Fraser Clark on row 2 along with Jeff Cosans. Wilson beat Henderson away from the line to lead but Dougie Kidd, from row 3, made a bold move down the inside of the field only to suffer a puncture and retire. The following lap Clark was leading but a couple of laps later Jason Secker moved into second spot and then closed in on Clark. However when Cameron Milne blew an engine, he deposited a fair amount of oil onto the track and then a brief fire under the bonnet suspended the race. Clark led on the restart and held Secker off for a few laps before the latter managed to get him wide and dive through into the lead. Once there Secker eased away to win the Scottish Championship from Clark with Grant McGowan in third spot.

The first of the Allcomers races had a blanket finish with McGowan just getting to the line ahead of Henderson and Kidd. Dale Burt won Allcomers 2 on his return to the 1300s where he led home Secker and McGowan.

There was 21 1300saloons at the track for their inaugural Superbowl race and there was some really fast and furious racing. McGowan and Secker were the heat winners setting things up nicely for the final.

Secker was on pole position for the final with McGowan alongside but on the opening lap Clark sent both Secker and McGowan wide to lead. Behind him McGowan and Secker scrapped over second spot but on lap 12 the race had to be suspended with Dale Burt’s car stranded on the racing line. On the restart Secker sent Clark wide but there was another stoppage when a couple of cars tangled. Secker led but he was sent wide by McGowan allowing Clark to go through into the lead. Michael Byers closed up and as the drivers fought for their place Byers slipped through a gap that opened up to move from fourth to second. Clark hit a tyre and dropped down the order with Secker just fending off Byers to win with Bruce coming through into third.

The last1300saloon race of the season was their Cock o’the North trophy with both heats being won by Byers. However in the final it Secker who came through to win and he led home Clark and McGowan in what was to be his last race in the 1300saloons.

Since then Aaron Hastie has bought the Secker car with Hastie’s car going to Dale Robertson. There are also rumours that Amanda Myers has left the prostock basics and moved on to the 1300saloons and that there are a few others building cars for the start of the year.

Last year the 1300saloons also raced at Barford and Crimond and hopefully this will continue on a regular basis with perhaps visitors to other venues in the pipeline!

This season the Racewall introduced a new formula mainly based to attract newcomers into the sport called prostock basics. The cars were up to 1300cc with no glass but little else done to the cars. The drivers must fit a specified roll cage a door plate but the car must start on its key. Literally that is a prostock basics car! Cheap and cheerful! The formula has grown rapidly from three to twenty and with the season not long finished there have been plenty of enquiries from interested drivers. In fact some of the drivers haven’t even got a driving licence!

At their first meeting there were only 3 cars and the one of Megan Wilson (Comrie) was soon sidelined after she hit a marker tyre. However the remaining two drivers Robert Grant going through to win, something he repeated in heat two.

Despite their only being two cars out for the final both Robert Grant (Perth) and Steven Jones (Armadale) endeared themselves to the crowd with an exciting final. Both had a spell in the lead and gave each other hefty wallops, before crashing into the wall together. In the end Jones just beat Grant to the line with the fans cheering them on.

As the numbers grew Jordan Dignan (Leven), Conor Jones (Glenrothes), Arron Cuthill (Cardenden) soon appeared as did Amanda Moyes (Cowdenbeath), Jillian Cartmel (Maud), Tiffany Barron (Cowdenbeath) and Claire Ryan (Crook of Devon) who joined the boys on the grid.

Ian Sutherland (Stirling) quickly became the driver to beat and he was soon ahead in points championship and along with Grant moved to the rear of the grid. Dougie Ford (Newtown St Boswells) and Craig Oliver (Galashiels) joined in the fray as did Craig Warner (Wormit) who not only won a race but then rolled his car!

Hopefully this formula will attract new blood into the sport and once they have mastered the art of racing there are plenty of other formula that they can progress to.

The prostox cars gave a good account of themselves with their numbers increasing as the season progressed.

Still there was plenty of action, a lot of contact which was to send cars spinning, some big shunts and the occasional rollover!

Their main race this year was their British Championship and the drivers turned up in their numbers with the defending champion Steven Haugh (Northern Ireland) amongst the strong Irish contingent on the grid.

The race format was an all in one with the drivers drawing their grid position for the opening heat with the grid reversed for heat two and the points scored in the qualifying heats determining where they would start the final.

The heats were won by Adam White (Northern Ireland) and Greg McMullan (Northern Ireland) with White and fellow countryman Stephen Boyd. With five Irish cars in the top six things didn’t look good for the home drivers!

When the flag dropped White went into the lead but Haugh was an early casualty and soon afterwards although a pile up on the turnstile bend stopped the race. No fewer than ten cars were on the sidelines.

White then led the pack away on the restart with McMullan in second but Grady Ross (Lochore) was fourth) had moved into fourth running just ahead of McAlpine. White began to ease away to become the new champion but as they crossed the finish line McMullan’s engine blew depositing its oil on the track.

John Mason (Edinburgh) retained the track point’s title after having run consistently through out the year.

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