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Aaron Totham, known as “Flash Jnr” or “Flipper,” was born on March 8th, 2002, in Colchester. His home track is Ipswich, where he competes in Saloon Stock Car racing. Beyond racing, Totham works as a maintenance technician in the water industry.

Totham started racing in Saloon Stock Cars in 2019, competing in the blue grade. Prior to this, he raced in various other formulas, including Junior Rods and Ministox. In his junior career, he achieved success, notably becoming Northampton Open Champion in Ministox and securing second place in Arena points.

In his current formula, Totham has amassed numerous race wins and accolades. Notably, he was Aldershot track champion, achieved 4th place in both the UK Championship and the World Championship in 2023, and won the Bumper Trophy in the same year.

Among his memorable moments, Totham cherishes his 4th place finishes in the World Championship and his victory in the Bumper Trophy race.

Totham’s racing journey is marked by success and memorable achievements, showcasing his skill and competitiveness on the track.