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George Macmillan Jr. is a name synonymous with the world of Brisca F2 racing. From the vibrant city of Glasgow, Scotland, George’s passion for motorsports ignited at an early age. Born December 1985, George was destined to follow in the tire tracks of his family’s racing legacy being a 3rd generation driver.

From his formative years, George showed promise behind the wheel, cutting his teeth in the junior ranks of Ministox. Jokingly saying he’s as good now as he was then being only a blue top. 

His career flourished over the years, culminating in numerous accolades that solidified his status as one of the elite drivers in the Brisca F2 circuit. The pinnacle of his achievements came in 2014 when he clinched the prestigious World Championship title, made even sweeter by the fact that he achieved it in front of his loyal supporters at the Racewall. For George, this triumph remains unparalleled, etching itself as a defining moment in his racing career.

Outside of his racing career he describes his day job as being John Sibbalds Wee pal. With Dave Polley being described as his biggest rival – providing both motivation and banter.

George picked up many titles such as 2012 Nationals, 2014 World Champion, 2014 Ben Fund and 2015 National Points Champion. In addition to his championship titles and notable victories, George’s prowess on the track is further evidenced by his impressive performance in Cowdy grand nationals. When the fast boys are starting from a lap handicap, George has consistently demonstrated his skill and tenacity, leaving an indelible mark on each race he competes in. 

As a third-generation driver, he carries the torch of his family’s legacy with pride, embodying the spirit of speed and resilience that defines Brisca F2 racing.

2014 World Champion

2015 National Points Champion