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Graeme Shevill, born in August 1991 from Carluke and considers Racewall his home track. Beyond his racing pursuits, he humorously describes himself as a “specimen of a man,” adding a touch of personality to his profile. Shevill competes in the Saloon Stock Car formula, where he has left a mark as the 2018 National Champion.

His racing journey began in 2008, demonstrating over a decade of experience on the track. Starting his motorsport career in Ministox back in 2004, Shevill has honed his skills over the years, evolving into a formidable competitor in Saloon Stock Car racing.

Shevill races under the red grade, indicating his skill and experience on the circuit. Among his memorable moments, he highlights meeting Joey Reynolds, adding a personal touch to his racing experiences. Interestingly, he humorously acknowledges Reynolds as his biggest rival, playfully attributing it to Reynolds’ perceived beauty.

This playful banter adds a layer of friendship and humour to the competitive world of racing, showcasing Shevill’s lighthearted approach to the sport while maintaining his competitive edge.