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Graham “Ozzy” Osborne, born on September 15th, 1974, considers Racewall his home track, where he competes in the ORCi Stock Rods formula. Prior to his current formula, Osborne raced in the 1300s and CC Rods.

Despite his humorous aspirations of becoming a brain surgeon when he grows up, Osborne began his racing career at the age of 42, showcasing that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passions.

For Osborne, every race win is celebrated, highlighting his love for the sport and the joy of victory. Among his memorable moments, making the World Final grid last season stands out, despite facing adversity and finishing the race with only one shaft, demonstrating his resilience and determination on the track.

When it comes to rivals, Osborne humorously identifies his two “girls” – his grandchild and girlfriend – as his biggest competitors, emphasizing the supportive and familial atmosphere within the racing community.

Notably, Osborne spent 15 years as a spectator before getting behind the wheel of a stock car, showcasing his long-standing passion for the sport before becoming an active participant.

Overall, Graham “Ozzy” Osborne’s racing journey is characterised by humour, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the racing family, making him a beloved and respected figure both on and off the track.