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Jamie Dawson, born in 2007, considers Racewall his home track, where he competes in ORCi Stockrods. Prior to his current formula, Dawson raced in Micro F2s and ORCi Ministox.

Beginning his racing career at the young age of 7, Dawson’s junior racing career started in Micro F2s, where he enjoyed considerable success, winning numerous races, memorials, and ultimately clinching the prestigious title of Micro F2 Scottish Champion. Transitioning to ORCi Ministox, Dawson continued his winning streak, becoming Crimond National Points Champion for an impressive four consecutive years.

In terms of aspirations for the future, Dawson remains open-minded, preferring to see what unfolds without making concrete plans at the moment.

Reflecting on his racing achievements, Dawson highlights his Micro F2 Scottish Championship and his dominance in ORCi Ministox as his biggest accomplishments thus far.

When it comes to rivals, Dawson humorously identifies “the wall” as his biggest adversary, a nod to the challenges and unpredictability of racing on the track.

Overall, Jamie Dawson’s racing journey is marked by early success, skill, and a love for competition, setting the stage for continued achievements in the world of motorsports.