Joey Reynolds

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Guildford, England

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Aldershot Raceway

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Joey Reynolds, born on August 13th in Guildford, England, finds his racing home at Aldershot. His life revolves around a simple yet fulfilling routine: work, time at the workshop, and the thrill of racing, all while striving to emulate the skills and demeanor of Graeme Shevill.

In the field  of motorsports, Reynolds competes in Saloon Stock Car racing, where he’s currently graded as red.  Before Saloon Stock Cars, Joey raced in the adrenaline-charged world of banger racing.

Reynolds’ racing journey began at the tender age of 10 in non-contact racing, progressing through junior bangers when he was 14 before transitioning to bangers. While he hasn’t claimed any championships yet in saloon stock cars, his love for racing and dedication to improvement shine through.

One of Reynolds’ most memorable moments on the track was at Skegness Spedeweekend in 2022, where he found himself mixing it up with established racers like Allard and Shevill, showcasing his potential on the circuit.

Despite his involvement in competitive racing, Reynolds maintains a laid-back approach, acknowledging that rivalries may develop over time but embracing them as part of the sport.

In his own words, Reynolds modestly describes himself as “quite boring,” but his passion for racing and commitment to the sport make him anything but ordinary. He’s just a normal person with an extraordinary love for the thrill of racing. Joey is a regular visiting driver at Racewall.