John Galloway

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Cowdenbeath Racewall

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John Galloway, known as Jock was born on June 11th, 1972, and considers Cowdenbeath his home track. Competing in the ProStock Basics formula, he began his racing journey at the age of 46 and currently holds the red roof grade.

His biggest achievement so far in his racing career is securing two wins on the track, marking significant milestones in his racing career.

Among his memorable moments, racing alongside his son stands out as a particularly special experience for Jock. The bond forged through their shared passion for racing adds an extra layer of meaning and fulfilment to their time on the track together.

In terms of rivals, Jock humorously identifies his biggest rival as his son, affectionately referring to him as “My laddie.” This friendly rivalry adds an element of competition and camaraderie to their racing experiences, enhancing the enjoyment of the sport for both father and son.