Kyle Rogerson

Driver Profile

Home Circuit

Cowdenbeath Racewall


Kyle Rogerson, known as “Wee Hector,” is a promising racer who calls Cowdenbeath his home track. He competes in the ORCi Ministox series, showcasing his skills and determination on the track. Rogerson’s journey into racing began at the age of 7, demonstrating his early passion for motorsport.

Before entering Ministox racing, Rogerson has gained experience in previous formulas, including Junior Production and Micro F2. These early experiences likely provided him with valuable skills and insights into the world of racing, setting the stage for his progression into Ministox racing.

As a young talent in the Ministox category, Rogerson undoubtedly has a bright future ahead. His dedication to the sport from a young age, coupled with his racing experience and skills, positions him as a competitive force on the track.

One of Kyle’s memorable moments in his racing career occurred during the 2023 Irish Open at Nutts Corner when he qualified on pole position for the event. Despite starting from the front, he faced challenges during the race and dropped down to 11th position. However, displaying remarkable skill and determination, Rogerson managed to fight his way back through the field, ultimately finishing an impressive 3rd place. This achievement highlights his resilience and ability to perform under pressure.

When asked about his biggest rival, Rogerson adopts a perspective common among racers, stating that once the race begins, everyone becomes a rival. This mindset reflects the intense competition and focus required in the world of motorsport.

Additionally, Rogerson expresses gratitude towards his family and the support network around him, acknowledging the vital role they play in his racing endeavors. He credits his parents and all those who offer assistance and guidance, emphasizing that without their support, his racing journey wouldn’t be possible.

These insights into Kyle Rogerson’s racing career showcase his talent, determination, and appreciation for the teamwork and support that fuel his success on the track.