Liam Boyle

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Cowdenbeath Racewall

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Liam Boyle, born on November 12th, 1990, considers Cowdenbeath his home track, where he competes in the Prostock Basics formula. Starting his racing journey at the age of 24, he currently holds the red roof grade.

Boyle harboured aspirations of becoming a racing driver from a young age, which he has now realised as he competes in Prostock Basics.

Among his biggest achievements, Boyle proudly holds the title of Prostock Basics National Points Champion for the year 2022, showcasing his skill and consistency throughout the season. Additionally, he earned the title of Cowdenbeath Track Champion in the same year, further solidifying his status as a top competitor in his class.

Reflecting on memorable moments, Boyle fondly recalls an impressive performance in the Scottish event, where he climbed from the 20th position on the grid to finish 5th. This achievement underscores his driving prowess and determination on the track.

Overall, Liam Boyle’s racing journey is characterized by dedication, skill, and a lifelong dream realised. His achievements serve as a testament to his passion for racing and his ability to compete at the highest level.