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Co Londonderry

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Nutts Corner Raceway

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Matty Stirling, commonly known as “Halfshaft,” was born on July 10th, 1991, and calls Nuttscorner Raceway his home track. Competing in the Saloon Stock Car formula, he began his racing journey at the age of 14 in junior rods at Ballymena Raceway.

During his junior racing career, Stirling experienced moderate success, winning the points championship one year in Junior Rods at Ballymena Raceway.

In his senior career, Stirling has achieved notable success, including becoming Irish Champion, Points Champion, and winning prestigious memorial races such as the Gordon Barclay Memorial, Derek Mason Memorial, and Stephen Boyd Memorial. He has also secured victories in events like the Golden Helmet, King of Nutts Corner, and earned the title of Nutts Corner Track Champion.

Among his memorable moments, winning the 2022 World Final stands out, despite its short duration due to disqualification. Stirling recalls the exhilarating buzz of the victory, showcasing his passion for the sport.

Reflecting on rivals, Stirling identifies Ross Watters (car #670) as a notable competitor, citing memorable races at various tracks including Nuttscorner, Cowdenbeath, Skegness, and Crimond.

Additionally, Stirling takes pride in building his own car with a friend, mixing ideas from GRP, Tully & Darby builds demonstrating his technical skills and ability to compete with other top drivers.

Overall, Matty Stirling’s racing career is marked by his passion, achievements, and competitive spirit, making him a formidable contender on the track