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West Lothian

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Cowdenbeath Racewall

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Nicole Russell, born in 2002, hails from Longridge, West Lothian. At the Cowdenbeath Racewall, she’s known behind the wheel of a 2L Saloon Stock Car, sporting a white roof grade. Beyond the track, Nicole leads a multifaceted life, working as a trainee ambulance technician and office receptionist.

Nicole’s racing journey began in the Prostock Basic category before transitioning to the 2L Saloon Stock Car formula in 2024. Where her talent and determination quickly shone through.

Her racing history is adorned with notable successes, including winning the prestigious 2022 Scottish championship and clinching the 2021 national points title. She also secured an impressive second place in track points, alongside numerous race wins and consistent top 5 finishes.

Among her most cherished memories are the victorious moments of winning the 2022 Scottish championship and the national points title. These triumphs stand as testaments to her dedication and skill on the track.

While Nicole has faced formidable competitors throughout her racing career, she remains focused on her own performance, continually striving for excellence. Her commitment to her craft and her achievements both on and off the track make her a respected figure in the racing community.