Ross Watters

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Cowdenbeath Racewall

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Scottish Champion


Ross Watters, born in November 1994, originates from Methil, Fife, and considers Racewall his home track. When he’s not tearing up the track, Watters pursues a career as a mechanic, showcasing his expertise and passion for all things automotive. He competes in the Saloon Stock Car formula, where he has achieved notable success.

In 2023, Watters claimed the titles of Scottish Champion and previously won the Irish Open Championship, solidifying his skill on the racing circuit. His Saloon Stock Car racing journey commenced in 2011, marking over a decade of involvement in Stock Cars.

Watters’ racing career began at the young age of 10, where he competed in Ministox. During his junior racing career, he experienced significant success, including claiming the Scottish Champion, World Cup Champion, and National Points Champion title in 2005. These achievements underscore his talent and dedication from an early age, laying the foundation for his future accomplishments in the sport.

Transitioning from Ministox to Saloon Stock Car racing, Watters continues to showcase his skill and determination, racing under the prestigious champion grade. His successful junior career serves as a testament to his natural talent and passion for racing, setting the stage for his continued achievements on the track.