Stewart Paterson “Pies”

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Cowdenbeath, Fife

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Cowdenbeath Racewall

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Stewart Paterson, known as “Pies’ ‘ or the “misguided missile,’ races in the world of ORCi Stock Rods. Born in 1988.

Despite lacking the financial backing enjoyed by many aspiring racers, Stewart’s passion for racing burned bright from an early age. He didn’t have the luxury of family support to kickstart his racing career, unlike the young talents emerging in the sport today. Instead, Stewart took matters into his own hands, carving out his racing path through sheer determination and hard work.

Stewart’s racing journey took an unconventional route, with stints in prostocks and 2L Hot Rods before finding his calling in ORCi Stock Rods. It was in this formula that Stewart truly found his stride, navigating the track.

Despite the challenges he’s faced along the way, Stewart’s resolve remains unshakeable, his sights set firmly on the podium. While Stewart may not boast a list of championships and race wins, his determination and perseverance are second to none. With each race, he inches closer to his goal, fuelled by a burning desire to prove himself on the track.

But perhaps what sets Stewart apart is his humility and humour, epitomised by his nickname, “Pies,” and his tongue-in-cheek moniker, the “misguided missile.” Despite the pressures of competition, Stewart approaches racing with a lightheartedness that endears him to fans and fellow racers alike.