236 - Daniel Scrimgeour

“I have had a mixed season” Winchburgh’s Daniel Scrimgeour recalled “I started off in good style and then injured my hand just after mid season and only managed two or three meetings at the end of the season.”

“I found the converted lorry we had a great acquisition and over the early weeks of the season I was able to take in quite a few Formula II meetings south of the border. Over the opening weeks of the season I was racing on Saturday and Sundays and managed to get to Skegness for a couple of mid week races. There were some big fields of cars at Skegness, sometimes as many as 30 in a race but I still managed to do well. The car was going well from the blue grade and I picked up a lot of good results.”

“One of my targets was to qualify for the World Championship and I planned to race in as many of the qualifying rounds as I could. At the Racewall one I started off well picking up a win and a second place in my heats. When the final started I was doing well and was making up ground but then I tangled with Craig Driscoll and spun. I was left beached on the infield kerb and that was my race over. The following day I headed up to Crimond for their round. I had a diff problem and missed the opening heat. I was back out for the second heat and picked up places in that heat as well as the final.”

“I went over to Nutts Corner in Northern Ireland for the FII National trophy. It was the third time we had been there. I started the race from the inside of the fifth row and when the final started it was a bit wet but after a few laps the track dried out. That is when my car came alive and I started to find grip. As the race progressed I started to make up ground and I ended up in third place.”

“Having done well in most of my races the points that I had scored moved me up to the superstar status. It was harder to get through the field from the back of the grid and a really big learning curve. Your car might be the fastest but if you aren’t able to find the gaps to get ahead of the cars ahead of you then you are going to struggle.”

“I was an early casualty when the Scottish Championship came along but got a sixth place in the FII Challenge trophy the next day.”

However disaster struck and I missed most of the second part of the season after cutting the tendons in my hand. I missed the World Championship semi-finals and if I had qualified the final. It was really a bitter blow. I made it back on track towards the end of the season but had my car up for sale. It went to the Netherlands to a Daisy Goos and my new one soon appeared. We got the car all ready for practice but my job, I am a steel erector, had me working away from home. At the practice Barry Glen and Garry Sime had runs in the car and fed me back information. I made it for the first, and to date the only, meeting at the Racewall. The car felt quite good but it still needs a tweak of two before it is right. Oh well it looks like I have a few tweeks to work on it before we are back racing.”