There are various types of Bangers that appear at the Racewall ranging from the unlimited to the Micro Bangers.

The construction of a Banger varies with all having some form of roll cage whilst some have “H” frames to protect the driver should a car roll. As such there are no bumpers to these cars but the order of the day is to wreck your opponents if they get in your way.

unlimited – Each year we host the BBA World Cup event. usually in April where a big turn out of cars appears. The action is hectic and whilst the final will grid around forty cars there arc usually not too many running at the dose. Usually there are Ford Scorpios, Mercedes E Classes. Volvos and Jaguars whilst it is not uncommon for drivers to turn up with stretch limos or hearses. The Scottish driver’s sole success in this event came in 1997 when Hoagy Wallace won so a home victory is long overdue!

2 litre: The two litre cars arc every bit as exciting as the Unlimiteds with action galore.

1600 (Rookie): As the 2 litre cars but with smaller engines but Mondeos are not permitted.

Micro: As in the name based on Micros these cars specifications are similar although most have an “H” frame for a roll cage. There is plenty of action and their main race is the Scottish Supreme.

Junior: These cars are small engined cars driven by drivers between 11 and 16 as an alternative to racing a Ministox. Only light contact is permitted.

Caravans: From time to time the Racewall has a caravan race which usually leaves the track littered with the remains of caravans. The object is to destroy any caravans that are running and whilst the caravan may be destroyed as long as its chassis is attached, they can still race! It is not unusual to see another car drive into the one in front, doing as much damage to the caravan as possible. Has to be the last race of the evening as clearing up will take an age!

Vans: Usually at the holiday meeting there is a meeting where Vans take pride of place. There are restrictions on what vans can be used and any driver wishing to race one should contact the promotion before doing so.

There are other forms of bangers and in the past, there have been Robins, Siamese, chained pairs and ramp banger events.