The Micro F2s is another recent starter Formula which has proved to be popular with the drivers racing between 7 and 11 years of age. Once they reach 11 the normal progression is to the ORCi Ministox. The Micro F2s is a non contact form of racing although from time contact docs happen.

The Micro F2s are basically a scaled down Formula 2 but powered by a small petrol driven engine. To keep all cars the same they are bought completely from a specialist builder. Despite the drivers’ ages in this sport, which is non contact, by the time they get a few meetings under their belt then the foot goes hard down to the floor and into the action.

Stars to look out for are Oakley Grief, Lana Middler, Rhys Walker and Evie Mclellan whilst just recently Caitlin Mitchell Ben Mclellan and Bobby Brandon are showing up well in the Ministox.