Despite the drivers being aged between 11 and having to retire when they reach the tender age of 16, the Ministox have proved to be an exciting all action formula and it is hard to believe that the drivers are not yet old enough to have a driving licence.

The formula is based around a Mini body shell and after the interior has been removed a roll cage and side protection bars are added.

The cars are powered by a race-prepared 1000cc engine and are bumpered front and rear. The drivers are not afraid to use their bumpers, often resulting in some spectacular incidents. Once the drivers reach retinal age they normally progress to the senior formulae where Lewis Burgoyne, Declan Honeyman and Jamie Dawson are but three who are making a name for themselves.

At the Racewall look for the likes of Kerr Paterson, who is the ORCi champion, and Shay Page whilst the likes of Ben Mclellan, Caitlin Mitchell and Nicole Allardyce should be progressing through the ranks.

629 Kerr Paterson – ORCi and National Points Champion

7 Charlie Hardie  – Scottish Open Champion

172 Rian Mitchell  – Track Champion