This is a fairly new formula that was introduced to the Raccwall in an effort to introduce newcomers into the sport.

The cars are small engined ones and amongst the more popular tyres arc Ka’s. Fiesta and Yaris’.

Basically all the drivers need to do is to remove the seats and all glass from windows and lights. An “H” frame is introduced as a roll cage and a door plate is added to the driver door for driver protection to nullify a side impact. The cars must remain standard and as such no camber is permitted unless as stated in the manufacturers set up. The cars run on a control Tyre to try in an effort to ensure no drivers have an advantage.

A proprietary fuel tank must be incorporated in the back of the car and the car must start on the ignition key.

The Basics are proving to be popular and just after a few years Cammy Deans. Kieran Ogilvie, Jordan Dignan and Martin Joy have progressed to other formulae. Top drivers in this formula are Colin Ogilvie. Martin Loggie, Liam Boyle, Joanne Hilditch and Graeme Dignan.

Martin Loggie – Scottish Champion

Colin Ogilvie – Track Points Champion