One of the exciting forms of stock car racing at the Racewall are the Saloon Stock Cars These cars are based around the 2 litre Ford Zetec powered unit and arc rear wheel driven 1 he cars arc space framed and heavily armoured to withstand all form or contact

Whilst the bodywork is based around a Ford Sierra or Mondeo other manufacturers are allowed with Vectra’s and BMW shells amongst others being popular.

The Saloons are a contact formula and as such are very popular with the fans and usually in their races there are plenty of shunts and spins with the occasional roll over thrown in for good measure.

Amongst the top drivers racing in Scotland are Ross Watters, Stuart Shevill Jnr, Barry Russell and Jordan Cassie whilst Holly Glen and Taylor Borthwick are not afraid to get stuck into their male counterparts.

The Saloons race on both tarmac and shale tracks around the UK whilst also over in the Netherlands where the World Cup meeting at Venray the main attraction.

  • Cowdenbeath Track Champion – 670 Ross Watters
  • Scottish Champion – 670 Ross Watters

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