The Stock Rods are a non contact formula but that doesn’t in any way detract from the excitement they generate on track.

Generally they are based on a Vauxhall Corsa but there are a few Tigras and Citroen C2s on track.

The cars are usually hatchbacks and are powered by race tuned 1300cc or 1400 cc engines.

The cars are stripped to a bare shell with a proprietary roll cage and side bars to offer driver protection.

The cars are professionally painted in the drivers livery and whilst with a smaller engine they provide sucrose and fast racing with the drivers having to hold a racing line. Overtaking can

be a problem with well matched cars but it is an exciting formula to watch.

The drivers to watch at the Racewall include John McAllister, Michael Bethune. Leon Stewart, James Gray and Stewart Paterson.

The Stock Rods can be seen racing at The Racewall, Skegness, Taunton, St Day, Bristol and Buxton whilst also at Nuns Corner in Northern Ireland.

Cowdenbeath Track Champion – John McAllister