Fixtures list 2021

Saturday 24th July

The Racewall bursts back into life this Saturday evening with the Stock Rods Gordon Ross Memorial headling the evening's racing. Also in action are the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, Saloon Stock Cars, Prostock Basics & Micro F2s.

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First race at 5.30pm.

Stock Rods
Gordon Ross Memorial
The Stock Rods will race in memory of avid Stock Rod fan Gordon who travelled up and down the country following the formula. Gordon's friends and family have once again amassed an impressive prize fund for drivers for the meeting totalling more than £1000. 197 James Gray will be looking for his fourth successive win the trophy, and will be among the drivers returning to the track having been sidelined from the previous meeting in late June due to an off-track injury. Another driver due aiming to race having been absent from the last meeting is new British Champion 272 John McAllister – this will be McAllister's first meeting at his home circuit since he captured the Black and White chequered roof in Northern Ireland in June. New grades are also in effect for this meeting, which will see the likes of 26 Lee Burden, 113 Darren Macdonald and 491 Sandy Galbraith moved to the blue grade while 612 Leon Stewart and 629 Taylor Borthwick will start races from the red grade from now on. Keep an eye on drivers like 351 Stuart Wedderburn and 691 Scott Galbraith who have moved in the opposite direction following different starts to the season. The Gordon Ross Memorial race is set to be the first race of the evening, in a random order as has become customary for this meeting. Booking list below:
20 Sandy Allen
26 Lee Burden
29 David Philp Jnr
41 Stuart McKinnon
83 Michael Bethune
100 Cameron McDonald
113 Darren Macdonald
184 Peter Thomson
194 John Lee Green
197 James Gray
216 Cameron Doak
240 David Dignan
272 John McAllister
285 Peter Henderson
317 David Kempton (Provisional)
333 Steve Gunby
351 Stuart Wedderburn
444 Neil Gilogley
491 Sandy Galbraith
612 Leon Stewart
629 Taylor Borthwick
686 Euan Robertson
691 Scott Galbraith
854 Chris Chance

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
The BriSCA F2 Stock Cars will return to the Racewall for the first time since their Scottish Championship was held here at the end of June – we will be missing the new Scottish Champion Chris Burgoyne however who is one of a number of Scots racing down at Northampton ahead of the European Championship on Sunday afternoon. One of the main events of Scottish Championship day was the tangle on the opening lap of the main race between 263 Dean McGill and Peter Watt. McGill is set to race from blue grade for the first time on Saturday night. 402 Mika Millar will be another driver racing from blue on Saturday night, for the first time at his home track having been in action at Skegness over UK Speedweek. 3 Liam Rennie and 621 Emma Mellis are two other drivers who were in action at Speedweek and although both drivers didn't manage to qualify for the main event they did pick up some decent results in the succeeding Thursday evening meeting. 652 Stephen Forster will race at the Racewall from the red grade for the first time following his upgrade for the month of July while 746 Gary Kitching is set to make his second journey north this season. Booking list below:
3 Liam Rennie
144 Lewis Willacy
217 Craig Reid
224 Paul Dobson
263 Dean McGill
280 Peter Watt
387 Jason McDonald
391 Gregor Turner
402 Mika Millar
446 Josh Vickers
621 Emma Mellis
652 Stephen Forster
746 Gary Kitching


Saloon Stock Cars
The Saloon Stock Cars will also contest their first meeting since their Scottish Championship at the end of last month, and just one week ahead of the European Championship speedweekend here at the Racewall. The new Scottish Champion 85 Kyle Irvine will make his first appearance on home soil since his win that afternoon and will start as one of the favourites for next week's main event. Irvine was running second in the UK Championship at Skegness a fortnight ago too until he was spun by a pair of warring backmarking drivers – the race eventually won by 618 Stuart Shevill Jnr – some 11 years after his first victory in the race – Shevill Jnr may be on hand to race with the Union Jack on his roof for the first time. 600 Barry Russell was the top scorer in the Saloons over the three days of racing at Skegness, finishing every race he started in the top ten while there were also strong showings from 229 Graeme Anderson, 670 Ross Watters and 697 Jordan Cassie. 622 Gary Paterson made his debut over the UK weekend and could be making his first home appearance on Saturday evening while winners of recent international championships at the Racewall 38 Barry Glen and 661 Graeme Shevill will be hoping to make sure their cars are set up in preparation for next week's European Championship. The booking list will appear online at in due course.


Prostock Basics
The Prostock Basics will make their first appearance in six weeks, their last coming on the occasion of their Scottish Championship in mid June. New Scottish Champion 23 Jack Robertson will be making his first appearance with the St. Andrew's Cross atop the roof of his car. Early points leader 999 Nicole Russell will be racing from red grade from the first time, while 698 Martin Joy and 640 Jordan Dignan will also be starting from red for the first time – the latter despite a roll over in the Scottish Championship race. Moving in the opposite direction in the new grades, it will be worth keeping an eye on the progress of 600 Kielan Ogilvie, 688 Lauren Ford and 700 Joanne Hilditch who have all been downgraded for July and August. 411 Aidan Galloway will be making his first appearance in the Prostock Basics. Booking list below:
6 Kailum Greig
23 Jack Robertson
46 Alan Burden
55 Ali Strachan
240 Graeme Dignan
251 David Sher
411 Aidan Galloway
600 Kielan Ogilvie
640 Jordan Dignan
688 Lauren Ford
698 Martin Joy
700 Joanne Hilditch
822 Aimee Winfield
953 Garry Roberts
999 Nicole Russell

Micro F2
The Micro F2 drivers will race at the Racewall for the first time since mid-June. The meeting is set to see the largest field of cars around the track this season. 126 Jaden Key, 317 Sienna Moss and 321 Billie-Summer Glen will make their final Racewall appearances in the formula. In contrast, 17 Reilly Fields, 70 Scott Ramsay Jnr and 217 Phoebe-Grace Todhunter will make their first Racewall appearances. Booking list below:
5 Connor St Aubyn
015 Taylor Rigby
17 Reilly Fields
29 Aiden Davidson
34 Charlee Stewart
41 Lana Middler
70 Scott Ramsay Jnr
79 Mason Howe
126 Jaden Key
213 Mia-Louise Rogers
217 Phoebe-Grace Todhunter
317 Sienna Moss
321 Billie-Summer Glen
480 Ollie Sime
557 Corey Mathers
642 Alfie Smith
671 James Russell
874 Ben McLellan
879 Caitlin Mitchell

Saturday 24th July

  • BriSCA F2
  • Saloon Stock Cars
  • ORCi Stock Rods
  • Prostock Basics
  • Micro F2 FROM 530PM