Fixtures list 2023

Saturday 7th October

The ORCi Ministox East of Scotland Championship headlines this Saturday's Racewall action with the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, Micro F2s, Hot Saloons and 2-seater Stock Rods also taking to the track.

£10 entry for all adults (including concessions).

Advanced tickets are available here.

Practice available from 4-5pm, £10 per car.

Please note the earlier start time of 5.30pm.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
The BriSCA F2 Stock Cars begin their run of four fixtures to the end of the season at the Racewall. 92 John Hogg finished third in last Saturday's Grand National Championship at Taunton, and will be looking to put himself further ahead in the Racewall Track Championship this weekend. 16 Craig Wallace and 674 Steven Burgoyne have accounted for the past two Finals at the Racewall in the F2s, with their main challengers 280 Peter Watt and 402 Mika Millar also due in attendance, who will come out on top this week? Visiting interest is set to include English star 464 Matt Linfield while 237 Cameron McDonald aims to make his debut appearance. Booking list below:

16 Craig Wallace
17 Paul Reid
61 Leon Murphy
92 John Hogg
176 Gary Coffey
202 Colin Forbes
237 Cameron McDonald
280 Peter Watt
402 Mika Millar
463 Ryan McGill
464 Matt Linfield
514 Reece McIntosh
647 Chris Burgoyne
652 Stephen Forster
674 Steven Burgoyne
746 Gary Kitching

ORCi Ministox
East of Scotland Championship
The ORCi Ministox compete for their East of Scotland Championship, won in 2022 by Robbie Armit. Last Saturday saw a clean sweep for the yellow graders, with 79 Mason Howe, 388 Cole Ford and 858 Rhys Anderson sharing the wins between them. There have also been good results recently from the likes of 6 Hamish Plenderleith, 78 Nicole Allardyce and 88 Kyle Rogerson, while ORCi Champion 629 Kerr Paterson and Scottish Open Champion 306 Oliver Heron cannot be discounted. Add in 27 Robbie Scott, 050 Ethan Jack Gemmell and 339 Rhys Kelly, each of whom are currently enjoying their best season to date in the formula and the race is very wide open. Booking list below:

6 Hamish Plenderleith
7 Charlie Hardie
014 Demi Ritchie
27 Robbie Scott
29 David Philp
050 Ethan Jack Gemmell
051 Finlay Gemmell
52 Caiden Abernethy
60 Bailey Millar
78 Nicole Allardyce
79 Mason Howe
88 Kyle Rogerson
172 Rian Mitchell
249 Kevin Graham
306 Oliver Heron
339 Rhys Kelly
388 Cole Ford
480 Ollie Sime
484 Dean Heeps
628 Ross McLaughlin
629 Kerr Paterson
644 Owen Marshall
651 Shay Page
680 Bobby Brandon
858 Rhys Anderson
874 Ben McLellan
879 Caitlin Mitchell

Micro F2
The Micro F2s make their last Racewall appearance of 2023. 515 Mason Cooper and 794 Bobbie Smith are set to make their first Racewall appearances of the year, while 312 Alice McGaffin is due to make her final Micro F2 appearance. 79 Amber Watson, 316 Charleigh Ann and 629 Iona Sibbald will complete the Racewall part of their opening seasons in the class. Booking list below:

79 Amber Watson
127 Naomi Bain
215 Rhys Walker
219 Oakley Grief
312 Alice McGaffin
316 Charleigh Ann
479 Elliott Royal
515 Mason Cooper
557 Corey Mathers
604 Evie McLellan
629 Iona Sibbald
640 Sam Forster
641 Emily Forster
794 Bobbie Smith

Hot Saloons
The Hot Saloons make their second Racewall guest appearance of the season. The points scoring season at their home venue of Crimond Raceway has already been concluded, with some drivers making their final competitive outing of the season before looking forward to some 2-seater action at Crimond next Saturday afternoon. Booking list below:

15 Graham Smith
20 Ewan Maitland
25 Shane Richardson
39 Mark Ritchie
43 Mark Forbes
51 Kevin Gordon
54 Lee Duthie

2-seater Stock Rods
The Stock Rod drivers are looking to take advantage of a rare opportunity to take passengers on a unique tour of the Racewall. Seven drivers are currently planning on adding a second seat to their cars, including British & Scottish Champion Leon Stewart and former European & National Champion Stuart McKinnon. Drivers agreed to take part: Dylan Smart, Stuart McKinnon, Craig Tosh, James Gray, Graham Osborne, James Halkett & Leon Stewart.

Saturday 7th October

  • BriSCA F2
  • ORCi Ministox East of Scotland Championship
  • Hot Saloons
  • Micro F2
  • 5.30pm Start