Saturday 2017

The end of the season stock car meeting produced plenty of entertainment to a packed GMP Cowdenbeath Racewall where the action came thick and fast.

On Saturday night the microf2 drivers were in tremendous form with Jack Morrow rolling his car and then when a couple of cars tangled Archie Grindey had no where to go and clambered over them. How his car didn’t roll know one knows but it regained the track on all four wheels but against the wall. Both scrambled out of their cars unhurt.

Jason Secker won the 1300saloon Superbowl in what was an exciting race with four cars fighting it out for the win whilst Shane Davies had to fend off a last ditch challenge from Luke Grief to win the 2 Litre National version.
Ian Thompson won the formula II Champion of Champions final but it was Craig Wallace who came out on top to win the James Clarke Cochrane Memorial trophy. Euan Millar was the winner of the Pre 67 Ford Owners club sponsored Scottish Grand National trophy.

On Sunday the action continued thick and fast on a dry track. Brandon Morton rolled spectacularly in his mini whilst the microf2s continued the excite with Oliver Smith rolling his car and Ross McLaughlin getting into a shunt after clipping a kerb, David Hughes ended up winning the Allcomers 2 heat in a hectic finish whilst Jason Secker won the Cock o’the North title in his last 1300saloon race whilst Charlie Folan won his last ever ministox race.
On Saturday night in dry but dull conditions the formula II driver’s first target was their Champion of Champions final and included local drivers Gregor Turner (Dunfermline), Kieran Howie (Dunfermline), Paul and Craig Reid (Cowdenbeath) and Ian Thompson (Kennoway). Chevy Mills won the last chance qualifying race and he led the main race for a quite a few laps. In the end he lost out with Thompson going through to win from Robbie Dawson, Craig Wallace and Turner with Howie in ninth place.

In the heats which followed Wallace just got the better of Turner on the penultimate lap to win with Dawson in third with Thompson fifth. Thompson then won heat two from Mills, Wallace and Turner.

The James Clarke Cochrane Memorial trophy race was fast and furious but had to be stopped when Conor Hughes and Dennis Middler were sent crashing into the wall. On the restart Mills lead but as the laps dwindled he lost out to Wallace. On the last lap Mills had to survive a challenge from Turner, who spun as he did so allowing Dawson through into third with P. Reid in tenth place. Thompson won the Grand National taking the lead on the penultimate lap to win from Turner and Dawson with Wallace in sixth and P. Reid in eighth. The pre 67 Ford Owners sponsored Scottish Grand National Points race was won by Euan Millar from Wallace with Howie in third spot.

There was 21 1300saloons at the track for their Superbowl race and there was some really fast and furious racing. Local drivers on the rid included Lee Wilson (Comrie), Jeff Cosans (Dunfermline), Michael Byers (Methil), Michael Moyes (Cowdenbeath), Stevie Gold (Cowdenbeath), Robert Gold (Milton of Balgonie), Gordon Myers (Dunfermline and Arron Hastie (Ceres). Grant McGowan won heat one from Jason Secker and Robbie Bruce with S. Gold fifth just ahead of R. Gold and Byers with Wilson ninth and Moyes in tenth place In heat two Fraser Clark took the chequer ahead of Secker and Dougie Kidd with Byers in fifth and just ahead of S. Gold.

Secker was on pole position for the final with McGowan alongside but on the opening lap Clark sent both Secker and McGowan wide to lead. Behind McGowan and Secker scrapped over second spot but on lap 12 the race had to be suspended with Dale Burt’s car on the racing line. On the restart Secker sent Clark wide but there was another stoppage when a couple of cars tangled. Secker led but he was sent wide by McGowan with Clark going through into the lead. Byers closed up and as the drivers fought for their place Byers moved into second spot. Clark hit a tyre and dropped down the order with Secker just fending off Byers to win with Bruce coming through into third with S. Gold in fifth, Cosans eighth and Myers in ninth place.

The 2 litre National saloon drivers appeared in good numbers with World Champion Daniel Parker heading the challenge from south of the border. Stuart Shevill Jnr was amongst the Scottish drivers having a night off from racing his formula I. Local drivers in action were Kyle Irvine (Glenrothes), Raymond Dick (Glenrothes) and Ross Watters (Leven). Unfortunately neither of the Fife drivers made it into the results in the heats.

The first heat saw last year’s winner Ian McLaughlin go through to win from Graeme Anderson and Luke Grief. Shevill Jnr then won heat two where he led home Shane Davies and Cole Atkins. Ross Graham made it three Scottish wins on the trot when he won the third heat crossing the line clear of David Hughes and Davies.
McLaughlin and Davies shared the front row of the grid with Atkins and Shevill Jnr on row 2. When the race started McLaughlin went straight into the lead but on lap five Davies had reeled him in and was through into the lead. A few laps later Grief was second and closing but no sooner than he had got ahead than the race was suspended. On the restart Grief was under pressure from Davies who on the penultimate lap took the lead. Grief made a dive at him on the last bend but Davies just held on to win the Gilmore sponsored Superbowl. Grief had a bumpy ride along the wall but held on to second with Shevill Jnr third.

The microf2s were in good form with Charlie Burgoyne, Sam Critchley, Joshua Johnson, and then Critchley who ran away with heats four and five. Rebecca Reid (Cowdenbeath) and Conor Staubyn (Glenrothes) were the local drivers in action with Reid picking up a ninth place in heat 5.


BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
CoC LCQ 538 929 596 909 47 922 321 203 80 419
CoC 901 854 16 391 629 538 41 64 679 92
Heat 1 16 391 854 629 901 64 41 596 621 419
Heat 2 901 538 16 391 854 929 629 621 47 596
Final 16 538 854 629 92 621 419 596 47 17
GN 901 391 854 629 92 16 47 17 419 203

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 684 229 219 399 730 306 618 501 27 57
Heat 2 618 158 399 730 306 73 441 671 219 811
Heat 3 671 57 158 684 501 349 711 661 96 902
SB 158 219 618 349 306 57 501 171 811 350

1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 211 529 336 668 126 808 41 145 246 157
Heat 2 668 529 145 211 41 126 642 0 0 0
SB 529 41 336 66 126 285 668 537 153 642

Micro F2s

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 68 647 355 828 484 239 155 335 50 233
Heat 2 64 8 2 187 828 51 246 165 151 233
Heat 3 2 68 233 647 355 239 335 425 858 187
Heat 4 64 2 151 68 246 233 924 425 51 154
Heat 5 64 647 828 155 51 50 783 253 17 920