Saturday 2018

The Fifers were well to the fore at The Racewall Cowdenbeath on what turned out to be a dry but chilly evening and they went on to win all the 2 Litre National saloon races, with Eck Cunningham winning three and Ross Watters the final, all the ORCi Ministox races, but only the white/yellow challenge heat in the BriSCA formula II races. Scott Allardyce and Luke Wrench picked up their first Racewall wins whilst the saloon of Ross Forrest ended up on its side after some high speed contact on the back straight. All in all it turned out to be a one of these meetings where there was no shortage of action throughout the meeting.

It looked as if Chris Burgoyne was heading to his second successive BriSCA Formula II win only to get tangled with a back marker which resulted in not only his retirement but another three cars which got caught up in the shunt.

ORCi Ministox driver Ryan Borthwick and Mitchell Gold were caught up in shunts which saw them have to sit out most of the meeting. However it turned out to be quite a night for Scott Allardyce who not only won his first race at The Racewall but liked it so much that he went on to win another heat later on!

Amongst the BriSCA Formula IIs at the Racewall were Luke Wrench and John Broatch from south of the border whilst Colin Forbes and Gregor Turner were having their first outings of the season.

Their first race was a heat in the white/yellow with Forbes leading the cars away but within a couple of laps Turner was through into the lead. Once there he went on to win from Steven Burgoyne and Forbes.

There were fifteen drivers on the grid for the opening heat with Forbes and Peter Watt disputing the lead over the opening two laps but on lap three Turner was the new leader. Wrench was running ahead of Chris Burgoyne but they were to swap places with the latter soon reeling in the leader. Once he moved ahead C. Burgoyne went through to win from Craig Wallace and Wrench. Heat two followed a similar pattern early on but this time it was Wrench who moved ahead winning from C. Burgoyne and Euan Millar.

The final had a couple of race suspensions the resulting in the outcome being changed dramatically. Forbes led the field away but within a lap Turner was ahead but almost immediately Pete Davidson and Liam Rennie touched resulting in the Davidson car crashing into the wall. The race was suspended with the field bunching up behind Turner. Whilst Turner led the field away within a couple of laps C. Burgoyne had swept passed with Turner dropping down to fifth in one fell swoop. However just after the half distance there was more drama with C. Burgoyne clipping Ewan Mackie as he lapped him. Mackie spun and was promptly collected by Broatch, Robbie Dawson and S. Burgoyne. Once the cars were cleared, Wrench had to fend off the attentions of Wallace over the remaining lap to win with Millar in third spot.

Wallace then won the Grand National from Millar and John Hogg with Wrench in sixth place.

Graeme Shevill debuted his new 2 Litre National Saloon whilst Ian McLaughlin, Ross Forrest and Luke Grief were having their first outings of the season. The opening race was a white/yellow challenge heat saw Ross Forrest sent bouncing off the wall allowing Tam Rutherford Jnr into the lead. However over the closing stages he was caught by Eck Cunningham who went on to win from Rutherford Jnr and Neil Linden.

The opening heat saw Rutherford and Ian Sutherland take turns at leading but when Forrest was sent spinning he clipped a tyre and ended up rolling. Rutherford Jnr led on the restart but almost immediately lost out to Cunningham who eased away from the pack to win from Ross Watters and Shevill. Heat two saw Cunningham pick up his second win of the night crossing the line ahead of McLaughlin and Grief. The final was a typical 2 Litre Saloon event with plenty of contact throughout and a few spins thrown in for good measure. Sutherland led the field away whilst Grief was forced wide and bounced off the pit bend wall, However just as things were settling down James Letford and Paul Honeyman spun on the back straight in separate incidents before Sutherland, Barry Glen and Linden tangled going on to the main straight suspending the race. Forrest led but Cunningham’s chances of a clean sweep disappeared when he was forced wide and last ground. Not long after the restart Watters found the inside line to move into the lead and with Shevill, Marc Honeyman and Grief squabbling over second managed to pull away. Shevill finally moved into second but by then Watters was well clear and picked up his first win of the night with M. Honeyman in third place.

The ORCi Minis were in good form but Mika Millar, Ryan Borthwick and aaron Richards were in shunts and failed to reappear.

Scott Allardyce led the white/yellow challenge heat from start to finish claiming his first Racewall win and he led home Jamie Stewart and Barry Scott.

The main race of the night was the “Let the Sparks Fly” Trophy and it was stopped as soon as it began with Millar’s car being spun into the armco whilst at the other end of the track Ryan Borthwick and Richards tangled with both cars ending up against the wall. On the restart Scott moved into the lead from Stewart and David Sinclair although the latter soon had Declan Honeyman in close order. Taylor Borthwick was sent spinning but restarted but Michael Mitchell was making up ground on a regular basis and was soon leading the race. Stewart and Hannah Borthwick tangled with Stewart now under pressure from Honeyman. However the latter was clipped and spun and on the last lap Gold and was hit by Ross Lawrence with both retiring. Mitchell went through to win from Sinclair and Scott.

The heat which followed saw Scott lead until the penultimate lap before he was sent spinning and this allowed Stewart to win from Allardyce and Mitchell. The last ministox race saw Allardyce lead from start to finish crossing the finish line just clear of Scott with Stewart in third place.

There was a bumper field of Micro F2 drivers at the track with their meeting being sponsored by Rogerson Coach Travel.

The opening heat saw Dean Heeps get the better of Charlie Burgoyne to go through for a narrow win with Rhys Anderson finishing in third place. Joelan Maynard then went on to win the second heat and crossed the finish line ahead of Burgoyne and Callan Walker. There was a four car shunt in heat three with Anderson and Kyle Rogerson having to retire but this time Burgoyne got the better of Heeps to win with Maynard in third spot.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W&Y 391 674 203 280 626 0 0 0 0 0
Heat 1 647 16 560 629 391 3 854 674 722 92
Heat 2 16 647 560 629 391 854 674 92 3 722
Final 560 16 629 391 92 854 203 17 280 0
GN 16 629 92 854 647 560 674 203 17 280

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W&Y 45 5 42 680 400 756 8 0 0 0
Heat 1 45 670 661 684 507 219 107 207 529 73
Heat 2 45 684 219 507 661 107 207 38 400 73
Final 670 661 107 219 207 507 684 45 38 400


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W&Y 178 188 627 603 641 688 612 682 0 0
LTSF 172 650 627 601 142 603 688 0 0 0
Heat 1 188 178 172 601 607 650 142 629 50 612
Heat 2 178 627 188 601 172 607 629 142 641 682