Saturday 2018

There was a minutes silence at the start to the stock car meeting at The Racewall Cowdenbeath as officials paid their respects to David Brewster who died suddenly on Friday. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

The drizzle started just as the cars trundled into the pits on Saturday and trundled in they did in their numbers, 100 in all, with the pits being the busiest that they have been for sometime.

It turned out to be yet another damp meeting at The Racewall but there was plenty of action with Scott Rankin rolling his car during the Prostock Basic Final after coming across another car sitting across the track.

It was a night of triples with Ministox driver Logan Bruce winning all three races, Fife drivers winning all three of the ORCi Stock Rod and 1300 Saloon races whilst the Borderers dominated the Prostock Basics races.

The 1300 Saloons were at the start of their Gold roof series and there was a healthy turn of cars including Steven Gold, Stuart Wedderburn, Michael Moyes and Lee Buchan who were having their first outings of the season..

The opening heat saw Lisa Freebairn go straight into the lead but within a couple of laps Aaron Hastie had caught and passed her. Once ahead Hastie went on for an easy win from Craigie Millar and Fraser Clark. Again Freebairn got heat two started but she soon had to give best to the flying Hastie who then set about opening up a gap. James Ellis moved into the runners up spot and whilst he did close the gap Hastie held on to make it a double success with Clark again third.

Hastie’s double success saw him have to start the final from the blue grade and again the race proved to be exciting with contact sending Hastie out of the race. Freebairn got the final underway but she was spun on the top bend although she restarted. Hastie then took over the lead but he had Wilson and Ellis in close order. With the racing line being close to the wall overtaking was at a premium and soon Ellis was joined by Clark and Millar. Wilson dropped back into the clutches of McGowan and whilst Hastie fended off the challenges he was eventually sent spinning out of the lead by Ellis. Clark and Millar were running nose to tail fighting for second but they lost touch with Ellis when lapping a back marker. In the end Ellis held on to win the Wilson Auto Repairs sponsored final from Clark and Millar.

There was another healthy turn out of ORCi Stock Rod drivers with Ross Finlay making his debut whilst Stuart McKinnon and Mark Blackie returned to the scene – the latter after a few years absence. The wet and greasy track surface was the best suited for non contact racing but the drivers served up some exciting racing. Local

Paul Prentice was the first to show when the first heat started but within a couple of laps James Matson was through into the lead. Matson then went on to record an easy win over Michael Bethune and James Gray. Prentice was again the leader when heat two started but this time it was Lee McGill who caught and passed him only to have to retire. This handed the lead to Bethune who went on to win from Stuart Wedderburn and Cameron Doak.

The final was sponsored by ASD Welding Services in Glenrothes and whilst it wasn’t raining it made little difference to the track surface. Prentice led the cars away but within three laps McGill was ahead from Wedderburn and Doak. McGill soon had a clear lead and Wedderburn and Doak fought over second whilst further back Leon Stewart had his hands full trying to keep Gray at bay. Bethune was making progress through the pack but McGill was lapping back markers and as he went through to win. Doak got ahead of Wedderburn on the last lap to snatch second spot in what had been an exciting race with quite a few race long dices taking place.

There was a big field of Ministox drivers at the track with Lia Heeps and Kai Gilmour having their first Racewall outing whilst Danny Elbourn and Abbie McGuiness were up from Arena Essex. The ministox drivers were in good form and there was no shortage of action in all of their races.

Their first race of the night was a white/yellow challenge heat which Gilmour went through to win from Jamie Stewart and Scott Allardyce.

The first heat was led off by Allardyce but the race was suspended after Heeps was in a shunt. There was another suspension a couple of laps later but on the restart Logan Bruce was in a class of his own and he forced his way through into the lead and on to win from Michael Mitchell and Elbourn. Heat two saw Bruce pick up his second win of the night and he led home Gary Paterson and Allardyce..

The final turned into another Bruce demonstration of how to drive in the wet. Taylor Borthwick was an early retiree with Allardyce running just ahead of Barry Scott. Ryan Borthwick was spun and then the leaders were to be caught by Bruce but then there was a race suspension after Heeps crashed into a marker tyre. Bruce led the field away before pulling away. Allardyce retired but Scott looked to be heading for second only to be teeboned by Mitch Gold. Bruce went on for his third win of the night crossing the line with Mitchell coming through into second and McCallum third.

There was a big turn out of the Prostock Basic drivers with Joanne Hilditch, Brian Galloway, Cameron Whitley, Michael Stafford, Michael Ritchie and Nicole Russell all making their debut. Blair Robertson was having a run in the charity car.

Heat one saw Dougie Ford make light work of driving through the field to win from John Rankin and Scott Rankin to make it a Border 1-2-3. Ford was caught up in a shunt at the start to heat two and this time it was Craig Oliver who led from start to finish to win from Ford and S. Rankin.

Ford was a non starter in a final that had it all! Oliver went straight into the lead from Ryan Burden but further back S. Rankin was being caught by J. Rankin. Oliver had a good lead but then it disappeared when S. Rankin came across a stationary car on the main straight and ended up rolling. The race was suspended and once the track was clear, Oliver went on to win from J. Rankin and Connor Jones.

As usual the youngsters in their MicroF2s turned up in their numbers but their antics were curtailed by a wet and greasy track. Apex Sheds and Garden Furniture were the sponsors of their races with the drivers receiving mementos of the occasion.

Charlie Burgoyne won the opening heat from Ross McLaughlin and Jamie Dawson whilst Callan Walker won heat two from Dean Heeps and David Philp Jnr. Their third heat had a close finish with Burgoyne and Kara Russell dead heating with Dawson in third place.


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W&Y 122 188 178 603 612 688 641 666 0 0
Heat 1 601 172 504 687 627 629 622 604 650 607
Heat 2 601 622 178 504 172 687 199 621 514 607
Final 601 172 687 607 514 650 621 122 504 688

Stock Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 24 83 197 363 172 351 612 216 257 916
Heat 2 83 351 216 24 41 323 96 197 644 123
Final 363 216 351 24 83 612 197 96 257 323

1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 73 577 668 211 246 60 77 41 870 66
Heat 2 73 314 668 211 577 246 642 60 41 77
Final 314 668 577 211 246 60 870 66 73 642

Prostock Basics

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 688 165 164 765 36 357 48 639 16 38
Heat 2 48 688 164 357 38 14 7 18 999 0
Final 48 165 639 38 36 357 7 18 999 0