Saturday 2018

The stock car meeting at The Racewall, Cowdenbeath turned out to be an action packed affair with Lee Wilson rolling his car spectacularly on the main straight after a brush with the wall and then another car.

The ORCi stock rod drivers were in top form with 28 cars on the track including the World Champion Stephen McCready from Northern Ireland along with fellow countrymen Andrew Morrow and Shea Duff whilst Keith Channon, Levi Robinson and Callum Hosie had travelled from the South West.

Colin Wotherspoon, Kevin Hutchison and Alan Robertson were making their debuts in the 1300 saloons whilst Amanda Moyes was having a run in the hire car.

Colin Gregg and John Broatch were back up from the North of England with their BriSCA Formula II cars whilst the British Champion Chris Burgoyne was having his first outing since winning the title at Mildenhall.

There was a fallout in the Prostock which saw Robert Hamilton and Paul Barron spin and delayed Darren Rae in the process.

There were three late call offs in the Formula IIs but there were still 16 drivers at the track.

The first heat was led off by Colin Forbes but he lost out to Colin Gregg who had Emma Mellis looking for a way through. Garry Sime was running ahead of Steven Burgoyne whilst Craig Wallace was leading the star drivers round. Just after the half distance Sime took the lead with S. Burgoyne Gregg and Wallace soon running in close order. As the laps dwindled Wallace and S. Burgoyne touched wheels resulting in both retiring but gave Sime the gap he needed and he went through to win from Chris Burgoyne and Gregg. Although Forbes led the cars away at the start of heat two it quickly developed into a race between Mellis and Gregg. As they diced S. Burgoyne began to close the gap and towards the end of the race all three were running nose to tail. Burgoyne picked them off within a couple of laps to lead and went through to win from Sime and John Hogg.

The final turned out to be a hectic race and produced some fast and close dicing. Forbes led the cars away when the race started but it again developed into a dice between Mellis and Gregg. S. Burgoyne was soon leading the chase after the cars ahead whilst further down the order Adam Blacklock and C. Burgoyne tangled with the latter having to retire. At the front S. Burgoyne went through to win his third Racewall final in succession and he led home Sime and Hogg.

Wallace went through to win the Grand National from Mellis and Euan Millar with S. Burgoyne ending up in sixth place despite having to start the race with a lap handicap.

There was a good turn out of 2 Litre National Saloons and they as usual were not afraid to make contact resulting in a few cars spinning.

The first heat was led off by Holly Glen and she led the race until the closing stages when Eck Cunningham caught and passed her However when Tam Rutherford Jnr made his bid for the win he only succeeded in tee boning Cunningham which let Ross Watters through to win from Ian McLaughlin and Barry Glen. Heat two followed a similar patter although when Watters made his bid to gain a place he was caught up with Jason Secker and had to retire minus a front wheel. Cunningham was sent spinning and the collected by McLaughlin suspending the race. Aaryn Triggs led the cars away on the restart went through to win from B. Glen and Secker.

The final proved to be high speed with quite a bit of contact and at the end Ian McLaughlin and Rutherford Jnr fell out and had a spate of pushing and shoving after the race was over. H. Glen led the field away when the final started from Rutherford Jnr and they stayed in that order until Watters took over at the front of the pack. He then went on to win from B. then H. Glen.

There was the biggest field of the season in the ORCi some 28 in total and apart from the visitors; Chris Wallace, Rob Conway, Ian Taylor and Dean McGill were having their first outings of the season. The racing proved to be close and fast and often there were groups of six or more cars running nose to tail.

The opening heat saw Lee McGill go through to win although he had Michael Bethune and McCready in close order as they crossed the finish line. In heat two James Matson and Bethune got delayed whilst lapping back markers and as a result McCready nipped through to win from Matson and Bethune.

When the final started Channon was the first to show from Paul Prentice but first heat winner McGill was sent into a spin and out of the race. Cameron Doak and Morrow tangled resulting in both retiring with Matson moving into second but a distance behind Channon but had Duff in close order. Duff dived through into second place but had Matson sticking to his back bumper as they slowly caught the leader. Once they had Matson began to look for a way around Duff but all the while McCready, who had got ahead of Bethune, was closing the gap. On the last lap Matson made a determined bid to get ahead but Duff held on for an exciting win with McCready finishing in third spot. The winner received a tyre courtesy of Gilmore Engineering.

The 1300 Saloon drivers were in top form with 16 drivers in action. Jeff Cosans was having his first outing of the year but ran into troubles after heat one and had to retire.

Robertson led the cars away when heat one started but in the end James Ellis went on to win from Grant McGowan and Aaron Hastie. Heat two saw Hutchison lead but after Wilson rolled spectacularly the race was suspended. Hastie spun on the restart with Ellis going through to win from McGowan and Wotherspoon.

Wilson was back out for the final with Robertson leading the field away but had Michael Byers in close order and next time around the lead had changed hands. However Robertson got himself back into the lead whilst farther back McGowan was making steady progress through the field. Ellis was sent wide as he moved into the top five and a few laps later he was challenging for the lead. Once he got clear McGowan went on to win from Ellis and Fraser Clark.

The Prostock drivers were nothing if not entertaining with numerous spins and shunts.

John Taylor went through to win the opening heat where he led home from Andrew Webster and Paul Barron. In heat two Scott Wilson just fended off a late challenge from Barron to win with Scott Gordon finishing in third place.

At the start to the final Barron was sent spinning and then hit by Robert Hamilton who also retired whilst Darren Rae had somehow managed to get caught up and limped around for the remainder of the race with punctures. Fraser Duncan was the initial leader but he was soon caught by Wilson who went on to extend his lead. However Taylor was soon closing the gap and during the closing stages of the race dived inside to take the lead. Once there he moved away before going on to pick up his second win of the night from Wilson and Gordon.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 480 647 305 629 901 621 92 722 17 203
Heat 2 674 480 92 621 647 16 629 852 722 419
Final 674 480 92 16 621 305 629 852 419 203
GN 16 621 629 480 722 674 419 203 305 0

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 670 684 38 8 207 529 125 107 42 507
Heat 2 620 38 529 507 684 8 5 301 42 0
Final 670 38 8 684 5 529 42 507 0 0


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 31 273 755 754 638 83 46 39 760 16
Heat 2 754 755 46 638 170 579 31 760 39 330
Final 31 754 46 170 760 579 83 330 0 0

Stock Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 363 83 18 612 197 323 41 644 351 426
Heat 2 17 24 83 944 197 323 612 958 644 351
Final 958 24 17 41 944 323 83 612 197 644

1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 314 211 73 9 246 66 668 60 19 642
Heat 2 314 211 9 870 713 642 171 0 0 0
Final 211 314 668 9 41 73 66 19 870 171