Saturday 2018

The Micro F2 drivers were in top form at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night with their meeting being sponsored by David Philp Coachworks with all the drivers receiving a memento to commemorate the meeting,

It looked as if Rhys Anderson was trying to correct things as he charged into the turnstile bend only for the car to turn and roll. No sooner had he done so than he was hit amidships by Simone Davidson, Whist Rhys got out of his car unfased, Simone needed help to get out of hers. Rhys was back out for the next race minus his wing. Joelan Maynard was on the wrong side of a three car pile up and ended up with his rear wheels on other cars!

Luke Grief won the opening 2 Litre National Saloons and then had to retire from the meeting when his engine seized.

In the 1300 Saloons IaIn Borthwick had a one off outing in Tommy Walls car with the strict instructions not to damage the car. Well he did so big time crashing the car heavily into the pit bend wall and promptly had to load the car onto the trailer.

The Prostocks were entertaining with some tail out cornering and a few spins.

John Fortune had a few laps with his Formula I car where he managed to eliminate the misfire which had caused his a few headaches recently and will be looking forward to next weekend meeting.

There was a good turn out of 2 Litre National Saloons with the Scottish Champion, Kyle Irvine and Ally Strachan make their first Racewall appearances of the season.

Heat one saw Neil Linden take the lead on lap two but was caught and passed by Strachan just after the half distance. However just after he had done so Ross Forrest and Holly Glen tangled on the back straight with Forrest’s car being clipped by another. On the restart Strachan led but lost out to Grief who went on to win from Ian McLaughlin and Jason Secker. Robin Copland led the cars away when heat two started and held the lead until the closing stages of the race when Strachan caught and passed him Although Copland tried to hold on he slipped back and when Strachan collected the chequer flag, McLaughlin nipped through to claim second relegating Copland to third.

Copland got the final underway only to see the yellow flags waved after Euan Mathieson was clipped by Ross Watters whilst Irvine hot a marker tyre. Copland led on the restart but Linden and Copland got caught up with both dropping down the order. Strachan then moved into the lead but his car shed a wheel as McLaughlin took over at the front of the pack. Despite Irvine closing McLaughlin held on to claim his second win of the night with Russell in third place.

McLaughlin went on to win the Allcomers race from Copland and Irvine to round off an good night’s saloon racing.

The 1300 Saloons saw Iain Borthwick out in the Walls car whilst Paul McMillan was having a run in the Colin Bruce car.

The first heat saw Lee Burden go into the lead but after a few laps Michael Byers took over. McMillan spun before Borthwick crashed heavily into the pit bend wall. Byers led for most of the race but during the closing stages was caught and sent wide as Grant McGowan went through to win from Fraser Clark and Aaron Hastie. The second heat was led by Alan Robertson who did so for a good part of the race only to be caught by Byers during the closing laps. Byers went on to win from Robertson and Hastie.

Robertson led the cars away when the final started from Gordon Myers but Byers was leading the chase although Clark and McGowan were running nose to tail and making their way through the field. Hastie was delayed when he tangled with Michael Moyes but Byers was being caught by McGowan and Clark making it a three car dice for second. The gap to Robertson closed with McGowan slipping through into the lead closely followed by Clark. However McGowan held on to win from Clark and Robertson.

The Prostock drivers were in good form with some close and fast racing.

Heat one saw Scott Wilson take the lead from Alexander Hamilton before going through for a fairly comfortable win from Hamilton and John Taylor. Dean Abercrombie was the early leader in heat two but Hamilton was sent crashing into the wall suspending the race. Wilson led the field away but was to lose out to Paul Barron who won from Ian Christie and Scott Gordon.

The final was suspended after Hamilton’s car stopped against the wall. Abercrombie led the cars away but Taylor was on a charge and he took the lead just before the half distance. There was another stoppage after Graham Watt’s car shed a wheel. Taylor led the field away and managed to open up a gap before Barron moved into second. There was no further change as Taylor went on to win from Barron and Andrew Webster.

There was another healthy field of Micro F2 drivers and they produced some exciting racing. Heat one was stopped on a couple of times, the first for debris on the track and the second after Oliver Smith spun. David Philp Jnr led on the restart and he went through to win from Joelan Maynard and Alfie Joynson. Heat two saw Ben McLellan lead but then the race was suspended after Kyle Rogerson and Kara Russell both spun and then a four cars shunt suspended the race. No sooner had the race restarted than it was suspended again after Rhys Anderson rolled and was collected by Simone Davidson. McLellan led but was overtaken as Alfie Smith went through to win from Maynard and Smith. The final heat saw Philp Jnr soon through into the lead but a three car pile up on the turnstile bend suspended the race. Lewis Walker led only to be overtaken by Callan Walker who went through to win from L. Walker and Ross McLaughlin.

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 219 684 529 600 85 96 42 8 45 5
Heat 2 501 684 241 96 85 42 670 6000 529 45
Final 684 85 600 670 241 5 529 8 0 0
AC 684 241 85 670 529 600 8 5 125 0


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 754 330 31 755 170 273 638 46 760 16
Heat 2 755 170 46 273 597 760 16 31 754 518
Final 31 755 273 170 16 754 760 589 0 0

1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 211 668 73 41 577 246 19 66 157 83
Heat 2 41 19 73 211 577 668 66 642 246 537
Final 211 668 41 19 577 73 66 246 537 642