Saturday 2018

The Ministox and 1300 Saloon drivers had championships to decide and boy did they treat the fans to two cracking races with Fraser Clark becoming the 1300 Saloon Scottish Champion whilst Sean Naismith won the east of Scotland Championship at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night. The weather too played its part and whilst it was overcast it did not rain although at times it threatened to do so.

It looked at one time as if Aaron Hastie was going to roll his car when he tangled with another car but somehow managed to keep his car on all four wheels during their Scottish Championship race

Pete Davidson and Liam Rennie hooked bumpers resulting in the Davidson car spinning and he was collected by Paul Reid as he did so in the Formula II Grand National

The National Series has started to decide which formula II driver will be racing with the silver roof on his car in 2019 and whilst Gordon Moodie leads after the opening round the Racewall lost four drivers for Saturday’s meeting,

Leslie Smart was a welcome visitor and the main focus was on the track points championship with Craig Wallace and Euan Millar fighting it out. Millar is ahead by 25 points but anything can happen.

The opening heat saw Stevie Forster go through to win from Craig Wallace. Forster again came out on top in heat two where third time he led home Liam Rennie and Wallace.

Pate Davidson was the first to show when the final started although under pressure from Craig Reid. Daniel Scrimgeour was leading the chase after the leaders and when he did catch them he made short work of moving through into the lead. Forster moved into second but Rennie was now third and it looked as if the gap was beginning to close. However Forster went wide and slowed with Rennie taking up the chase. However it was to no avail and Scrimgeour went through to win from Rennie and Wallace/.

The Grand National was suspended after Davidson and Rennie tangled but Forster went on to make it three wins on the night leading home Wallace and Millar with Scrimgeour fourth.

The 1300 Saloon drivers turned up in their numbers – 19 in total but Michael Moyes (Cowdenbeath) encountered problems in the pits and didn’t race. George Hendry drew pole with Gordon Myers alongside whilst Lisa Freebairn and Cosans were on row 2. The drivers who hadn’t done sufficient meetings lined up at the back of the grid in graded order.

After the field had lined up Hendry was the initial leader but going down the back straight Fraser Clark forced his way onto the inside and drove through into the lead. James Ellis followed through into second with Andrew Webster in third place. Lee Wilson retired whilst Freebairn spun out. Hastie forced his way ahead of Ellis only to be teeboned the following lap and all but rolled. Duncan Welsh, Charlie Folan and Bryan Lindsay were all making good progress from the back of the field with the latter making his presence felt as he moved into fourth. Clark was now running clear of Webster but that was to change dramatically when Gary Paterson spun when exiting the pit bend and the race was suspended with his car stranded on the racing line.

As the cars lined up Clark had a back marker between him and Webster but the whole complex of the race had changed in one fell swoop. When the race began Clark made a good restart but Webster was ahead of Ellis, Welsh and Lindsay. There was a useful gap between first and second and the same between second and third but Ellis was under pressure as Welsh was looking for a way through. Mind you Lindsay wasn’t shy at trying to squeeze past. However with Clark going through to win from Webster the next three headed into the pit bend as one. Ellis bounced off the wall but kept the foot down as Lindsay spun but Welsh clipped the wall and as a result his car shed a wheel and he crossed the line in fourth minus a front wheel in fourth.

Lindsay then went through to win the first heat although it should have been Folan’s win but his car stopped during the closing laps. Clark ended up in second spot with Webster third. Lindsay then won heat two this time from Webster and Folan.

There was a good turn out of Minis for their East of Scotland Championship including Sam Carter from the South West. In a drawn grid Sean Naismith was to start from pole with Jay Paterson alongside and when the flag dropped Naismith went straight into the lead from Scott Allardyce and Carter. Brandon Morton and Ryan Borthwick tangled with Carter moving into second with Paterson slipping through into third. However a spinning car brought out the yellow flags but there was chaos on the restart with Carter spinning and a few drivers making up places prior to the start to the race. Naismith now had James Mooney behind but closing fast were Michael Mitchell and Declan Honeyman. Honeyman got ahead of Mitchell and this duo began to close the gap ever so slightly to Naismith. However the laps ran out and Naismith crossed the finish line to become the East of Scotland Champion but Honeyman and Mitchell had been penalised on the restart and this elevated Allardyce into second and Barry Scott into third.

Paterson looked to be on schedule to win the first of the heats only to be sent spinning as Mika Millar came through to win from Honeyman and Stewart.

In the second heat Jamie Dawson did most of the leading but came under pressure from Millar on the last lap. It became pretty frantic as Millar edged ahead but then got out of line allowing Dawson through for his first win with Millar in second and Paterson third.

In the Prostock basics the racing turned out to be a bit hectic with Craig Faichney from Polmont racing the charity car where he was raising money for Prostate Cancer.

Heat one saw John Rankin go through to win from Dougie Ford and Graeme.Dignan whilst in heat two Jordan Dignan was in a heavy shunt with Callum Sturrock going through to win from Gilogley and Ford. The final saw Ford take his car to a win where he led home Ben Sher and Sturrock.

There was another big turn out of Micro F2 drivers with their meeting again being sponsored by Rogerson Coaches.

Alfie Joynson won the opening heat from Callan Walker and Todd Anderson. Heat two ended with Lewis Walker winning from Ben McLellan and Kyle Rogerson. Ross McLaughlin then won heat three where he led home Joynson and Fin Carter.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 652 16 17 92 3 679 236 203 922 751
Heat 2 652 3 16 629 236 850 17 203 922 751
Final 236 3 16 629 92 17 203 850 751 922
GN 652 16 629 236 17 92 203 751 0 0


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
EoS 100 178 627 607 172 621 985 188 601 50
Heat 1 621 607 188 172 178 100 627 142 645 985
Heat 2 165 621 612 188 645 100 172 627 142 629

1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
SC 668 273 314 616 46 66 546 41 60 0
Heat 1 64 668 273 41 314 870 537 246 46 66
Heat 2 64 273 546 41 668 246 870 46 60 66

Prostock Basics

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 165 688 240 700 164 410 717 4 66 999
Heat 2 410 4 688 700 240 246 999 0 0 0
Final 688 717 410 36 700 246 999 0 0 0