Saturday 2018

On Saturday night the first Formula II heat was the final of the Pre-67 Ford Owners Club sponsored Grand National with local drivers on the grid including Paul and Craig Reid (Cowdenbeath) and Ian Thompson (Kennoway).

The cars lined up in points order with Paul Reid on pole with Daniel Scrimgeour alongside but when the race started Craig Wallace dived inside to lead and then held on to win from Steven Burgoyne and Euan Millar. Thompson came from twelfth to fourth.

Heat one saw Thompson first home but he was penalised and it was Robbie Dawson who collected the trophy from Liam Rennie and Thompson. Paul Reid eventually finished ninth with Craig Reid finishing outside of the. It looked as if Sean McFerran was going to win heat two but he was spun on the last bend and this allowed Dawson through to win from Millar and Thompson, with P. Reid in sixth this time around.

The final saw Thompson first home again but he had again made too good a start and it was Dawson who lifted the James Clarke Cochrane Memorial Trophy from Burgoyne and Thompson. P. Reid finished the race ninth with C. Reid once again outside the points.

There was the biggest turnout of 1300 Saloons with Gary McFerran over from Northern Ireland whilst Michael Bethune (Kirkcaldy), Kyle Hegg (Glenrothes), Jon Taylor, Jock Whyte (Cardenden) and Graham Osborne were having their first outings at the Racewall. Local drivers included Michael Byers (Methil), Michael Moyes (Cowdenbeath), James Ellis (Cowdenbeath), Dale Robertson (Glenrothes), Dale Burt (Lochgelly), Stuart Wilson (Kelty) and Aaron Hastie (Ceres).

Lee Wilson rolled his car during the opening heat which was won by Hegg from Peter Low and Bryan Lindsay. Bethune finished fourth, with Ellis, Byers and Robertson eight ninth and tenth respectively. Fraser Clark then won heat two but he was just ahead of Lindsay and Hegg. Bethune, Ellis, Byers, Hastie and filled spots fifth to eighth respectively.

The Superbowl was sponsored by Gilmore Engineering and saw Hegg on pole with Lindsay alongside with Clark and Bethune on row 2. When the flag dropped Hegg went into the lead with Clark in close order but on lap two Clark was leading from Bethune only for his engine to blow with Burt and Lindsay crashing heavily. The race was suspended to assist the drivers out of their cars. Bethune had led until not long after the third restart but he slowed Ellis went through into the lead and on to win from Low, L. Wilson, Whyte and Myers with Cosans seventh.

There were 38 2 Litre National Saloons at the track including Diggy Smith, Deane Mayes and Anthony & Kieran McIvor. Local drivers featured Kyle Irvine (Glenrothes), Raymond Dick (Glenrothes), Ross Watters (Leven), Euan and Andrew Mathieson (Lochgelly) and Eck Cunningham (Leven).

The first heat saw Irvine go through to win from Ally Strachan and E. Mathieson. E. Mathieson then won heat two from Strachan and Adam O’Dell with Watters finishing sixth. Irvine then won heat three from Willie Skoyles Jnr.

The grid had an all Scottish front row with Irvine on pole with E. Mathieson alongside and Strachan and Skoyles Jnr behind.

The race had to be restarted after a five car shunt on the top bend. When the race restarted Irvine took the lead with Graeme Shevill slotting in behind. The cars stayed in that order to the end with Irvine having a scare when two cars spun right in front of him but somehow he managed to find a way through to win from Shevill with Smith in third spot.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Pre67 GN 16 674 629 901 854 3 236 679 92 203
Heat 1 854 3 901 674 629 47 92 16 17 850
Heat 2 854 629 901 16 674 17 236 92 850 47
Final 854 674 901 629 16 47 236 92 17 850
GN 674 629 16 236 17 467 850 854 203 217

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 85 501 125 661 400 73 641 428 306 171
Heat 2 125 501 171 73 902 670 116 730 620 306
Heat 3 85 641 428 670 661 730 811 507 149 711
UKSB 85 661 116 730 641 306 428 811 620 149

1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 715 631 64 83 668 546 273 314 41 18
Heat 2 668 64 715 273 83 314 41 73 537 255
UKSB 314 631 246 680 153 255 537 0 0 0
AC 715 546 246 255 680 176 18 153 274 73