Saturday 2018

The Unlimited National Banger drivers headed to The Racewall Cowdenbeath for the annual running of their World Cup and as expected caused havoc as they battled it out for the win. The pit area was packed with the top pit area being used whilst the stadium was packed as the fans anticipated the action in store – and they certainly weren’t disappointed.

The Dutch driver Dennis Vorkink was in quite a few shunts and left the track with a wrecked car. Mind you he wasn’t alone with Jack Cameron’s car being wrecked after receiving some heavy hits. Cameron had to be helped out of his car and was later taken to the hospital for a check up.

There were some pretty big pile ups, one which stopped the main race within a couple of laps with cars allover the place and then later in the Allcomers race.

However it was a night that Jack Overy will remember for a long time as he made it a hat trick of World Cup wins so we can expect to see him back at the Racewall next year!

The Junior Bangers turned up in their numbers and delighted the fans with their antics. Codie Reeves got in a tangle with another car and ended up rolling whilst Rocco Trench was on the receiving end of a shunt and needed help out of his car.

There was a piece of history in the 2 Litre National Saloons where Holly Glen won her first saloon race and then Graeme Shevill was caught up with another car and rolled. However Graeme was back out for the final and promptly won it! It wasn’t so good for James Letford who crashed heavily when his throttle jammed open and he hit the pit bend wall with force and once his car came to rest he was assisted out of his car.

There was a good turn out of the 2 Litre National Saloons and included visitor William Ogilby.

When heat one started Holly Glen went straight into the lead and set about building up a useful lead. Neil Linden held onto second spot but as the race progressed Luke Grief and Shevill began to close in on the leader. With three laps remaining Ian McLaughlin joined in to make it a four car dice for the lead. Despite Grief putting in a challenge H. Glen hung on to pick up her first ever saloon win and she was just ahead of Grief and Shevill when the chequer appeared. There were a couple of stoppages to heat two, the last being when Tam Rutherford Jnr and Shevill tangled resulting in the Shevill car rolling. On the restart Grief led the pack away whilst behind Ross Watters and McLaughlin squabbled over second place with the latter managing to force his way through. However by then Grief had taken the win from McLaughlin and Watters.

When the final started Ogilby was soon on the sidelines with Rutherford Jnr leading the pack away with H. Glen and Ross Forrest fighting over second place. Shevill was running ahead of Grief and they were soon making their way through the field. When Shevill did hit the front he also had Grief right on his tail and on the last bend Grief made contact with the back bumper of the Shevill car. Shevill drifted wide bounced off Linden but held on to pick up his first win of the night.

Grief then went through to win the Allcomers race where he led home Shevill and McLaughlin.

There was an impressive turn out of the Unlimited National Bangers and they included past winners Jack Overy and Jason “Boxer Jack” Jackson, the World Champion from Northern Ireland, Steven Bolton whilst Dennis Vorkink had headed over from the Netherlands.

The opening race was the last chance qualifying round for the non qualifiers and whilst it turned out to be a quietish affair Joey Palmer brought his car home to win from Glyn Platts and Dan Rose.

However by the time the drivers appeared for their World Cup parade the atmosphere was electric and there was certainly a buzz in the air. The cars lined up on the grid and then the grid was changed. This left Jackson on pole with Chris Speirs alongside and Overy right behind. After the warm up lap the green flag dropped and in a crescendo of tuned up engines Jackson went straight into the lead but then cars started to pile up on the bends and the race had to be suspended. On the restart Kyle Shires led with Overy damaging a wheel but hanging on to second place whilst Tom Foster moved into third and just clear of Platts. Jackson retired as did Bolton after being in a shunt. Then just after the half distance Shires was delayed and this allowed Overy through into the lead but his damaged wheel was causing problems and he was beginning to be reeled in by T. Foster and Platts. Colin Riddell was spun whilst up front Overy’s lead had all but disappeared as Platts moved ahead of Foster who too was suffering from a puncture. With one lap to go Overy managed to pull away and through to his third successive win where he led home Platts and T. Foster.

The first Allcomers race was suspended after Cameron’s car was spun and then hit a couple of times before he ended up in a pile up. The race was suspended to allow him out of his car and on the restart it was Vorkink who was spun and then collected on a couple of times. Rose led the race for most of the time but on the last lap was taken out by Karl Douglas and this allowed Overy through for his second win of the night. Palmer ended up as the runner up with Ricki Finney third.

The second Allcomers race was led from start to finish by Jack Tuffen and despite quite a few shunts going on he managed to dodge the shunts to win from Scott Paterson and Tom Waller.

Quite a few cars pulled out as the Destruction Derby started with cars being shunted left right and centre. Billy Bond’s car was spun and he then received some hefty hits from Foster and Waller. In the end it was declared a dead heat between T. Foster and Mark Foster with both cars cutting out.

The Junior Bangers were in good form as they set about winning their “wee” World Cup.

In the opening heat Reeves rolled after contact on the pit bend. When the race restarted Ben Nichols went through to win from Blake Platts and Jacob Hampson. Joey Holmes then won heat two from Harry Gelsthorp and Reeves.

The final was led by Hampson but Nichols and Holmes were making inroads through the field. The race was suspended after Trench crashed heavily with Nichols going through into the lead but on the penultimate lap Holmes dived inside and through to win by a narrow margin from Nichols and Hampson.