Saturday 2019

If this is how the stock car season is going to be then the fans are in for one of the most exciting racing seasons that you could hope for. It may have been a chilly evening but it was dry although there was one or two snowflakes right at the end of the meeting.

It started off well for the fans with Ministox driver Declan Honeyman rolling his car – in practice! Mind you Rhys Anderson managed to roll his Micro F2 in one of the heats when he tangled with another car.

There were also some heavy shunts throughout the meeting which saw Brian Hogg Jnr limp out of the saloon races whilst Jay Paterson, Robbie Armit and Sam Carter had heavy crashed in their Ministox.

The Formula II World Champion Gordon Moodie appeared with his new Zetec powered RCE chassis and dominated the proceedings going on to win both of his heats then the final.

There was an influx of new faces in the 2 Litre Saloons where Jordan Cassie, Brian Hogg Jnr and Alisdair Smith made their debuts.

There were only 13 Formula II drivers at the track and that included visitors Les Smart, Craig Driscoll and Martin Bentley. Quite a few of the home drivers are in the process of getting their cars finished so the numbers should swell within the next few weeks.

The first heat saw Pete Davidson get caught up with Bentley and crashed out as Gordon Moodie went through to win from Garry Sime and Liam Rennie. Moodie then won the second heat from Rennie and Sime.

Smart led the cars away when the final took started but within a few laps Sime was ahead but being closed down by Moodie. Once Moodie got ahead he went through to record an easy win over Sime and Rennie.

Sime went on to win the Grand National from Rennie and Euan Millar.

The 2 Litre Saloon drivers turned up in their numbers with Peter Marioni, Johnny Wood and Neil Linden down from the North of Scotland whilst Ross Watters debuted his new car. With the World Championship being held at the Racewall in August the home drivers were looking to get away to a strong start and this resulted in some fast and close racing.

The first heat saw Tam Rutherford Jnr go through to win from Graeme Shevill and Ross Graham. Rutherford Jnr made it a double success when he won heat two but there was close racing behind with Shevill claiming second from Aaryn Triggs.

The final saw turned out to be a nail biter with little to separate the top five at the close. Johnny Wood led the cars away but within a few laps Rutherford Jnr was ahead. Euan Mathieson was running in close order but closing in on them were Shevill, Ian McLaughlin and Watters. McLaughlin forced his way through into the lead but then was forced wide as Shevill took over. Rutherford Jnr dived inside to snatch second whilst Mathieson dropped to fifth. Shevill began to ease away as those behind began to squabble over second place. McLaughlin began to catch Rutherford Jnr but he in turn was being caught by Watters. Shevill went on to claim the win with Rutherford Jnr, McLaughlin and Watters crossing the line nose to tail.

As usual the Ministox drivers were entertaining in more ways than one and of they carry on in this fashion they are going to hard to beat for entertainment. Mind you the drivers are aged between 11 and 16 and boy can some of them know how to race. Visiting drivers included Sam Carter, Aaron Richards and Edward Selby in a field of 25 cars.

The first race of the night was a white/yellow challenge race with Max Walker leading the race from start to finish winning from Kai Gilmour and Billie Dawson.

The first heat looked as if Walker was going to win but he was spun on the last lap and had to retire as Barry Scott went through to win from Taylor Borthwick and Gilmour.

The second heat saw an exciting scrap for the lead with Gilmour leading but then but he lost out to Mitchell Gold. However after a race suspension Borthwick forced her way into the lead. Selby moved into second but then lost out to Scott who began to reel in the leader. Borthwick was still clear at the chequer from Scott and Selby.

Gilmour soon led what turned out to be an action packed final but the race was suspended after Selby crashed into the wall. On the restart Gold moved ahead but when Jay Paterson crashed the race was again suspended, Gold led the field away from Jamie Stewart and Scott and when the latter moved into second he began to reel in Gold. Just after Scott took the lead he was spun by Gold and when Armit crashed heavily on the pit bend the race was declared. Gold was the winner from Ciaran Adams and Mika Millar.

There were almost 30 Micro F2 drivers at the track and the youngsters were in good form although one or two of the new faces struggled a bit. Their races were being sponsored by Anderson Engineering.

The first heat was a white/yellow race with Owen Marshall going through to win from Ben McLellan and Finlay Gemmell. Heat two brought the blue and red grade drivers into action and whilst Connor St Aubyn was the initial leader but he then lost out to David Philp Jnr who went through to win from Callan Walker and Kyle Rogerson.

The first combined heat saw Isla Chisholm as the initial leader but she then lost out to Marshall although he was being chased by Philp Jnr. There was a stoppage after a couple of cars hooked up but once the race restarted Philp Jnr forced his way ahead but on the closing lap Ethan Jack Gemmell forced his way through to pip Philp Jnr on the run up to the line with Rogerson third. As the cars crossed the finish line Rhys Anderson tangled with another car and rolled.

The fourth heat was topped after Eddy Anderson and Bobby Brandon got hooked up. Chisholm was again the initial leader but McLellan was ahead next time around. E.J. Gemmell was on a charge and he carved his way through the field to take the lead. Once ahead he pulled away to record an easy win over Philp Jnr and Rogerson.

There was a strong turnout of Prostock drivers with surprisingly all three races being won by white grade drivers.

Finlay Davidson went on to win the opening heat from Paul Barron and Craig Murray. Sean Devine was first home in heat two but was penalised for making too good a start handing the win to Murray from Barron.

Devine led the final for most of the time but lost out to Alexander Hamilton. However on the last lap Devine managed to get inside of Hamilton on the pit bend but both cars drifted wide with the Hamilton car clambering up the wall as Devine won. Hamilton just made it across the finish line for second with Robert Hamilton third.

* As of the 11 march, the result of the Ministox Final remains provisional pending a review of video evidence. 

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 7 480 3 629 854 41 17 251 236 751
Heat 2 7 3 480 854 629 41 236 982 17 251
Final 7 480 3 854 629 41 236 982 251 217
GN 480 3 629 854 236 41 982 251 17 751

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 5 661 671 8 684 697 620 96 73 38
Heat 2 5 661 620 600 684 125 670 96 73 8
Final 661 5 684 670 125 73 600 620 8 96


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
WY 682 122 854 688 675 28 0 0 0 0
Heat 1 627 629 122 210 199 244 188 165 603 647
Heat 2 629 627 244 199 128 188 621 165 122 50
Final 199 128 621 178 603 607 50 647 165 627


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 282 1 605 170 760 32 79 330 327 0
Heat 2 605 1 79 282 126 170 330 23 39 0
Final 79 330 39 760 170 1 605 32 0 0