Saturday 2019

It was a beautiful evening at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night and on a dry and fast track there was no shortage of action. There were two rollovers, the first coming during the opening laps in the Micro F2s when Callan Walker was squeezed into a marker tyre and ended up rolling his car. The second came just after the chequered flag dropped on the last race when Ministox driver Barry Scott, who had been running in a group of cars, was squeezed into the wall and as a result his car rolled onto its side and he was pushed a way down the track before he came to rest. Both drivers were unhurt.

There were a couple of heavy shunts in the ORCi Stock Rods with David Kempton and Clifford Doak colliding on the top bend then a three-car shunt on the main straight involving Michael Bethune, Leon Stewart and Martin Rankine.

There were 21 of the 2 Litre Saloon drivers at the track with the Scottish Champion Ian McLaughlin back in action after suffering a rib injury down at Taunton whilst Holly Glen was also back after a few weeks on the sidelines. In the end the Saloon races were dominated by white grade drivers who won all three of their races. Local

The first heat was led off by Jordan Cassie from Raymond Dick but early on H. Glen teeboned Robin Copland although both restarted. Cassie was easing away from Dick who was slowly being caught by Ross Forrest with Euan Mathieson in close order. Graeme Shevill was running ahead of Ross Watters and they were beginning to close in on the cars ahead. Peter Marioni was squeezed against the wall and lost his bonnet whilst Kenneth Scollon was sent spinning on the back straight. Cassie though just carried on in the clear to win from Forrest and Dick. Dick led the field away when heat two started but Kevin Letford was soon on the sidelines. Dick was soon caught by Cassie although it took a while before the lead changed hands. Once it did Cassie eased away with Shevill leading the star grade drivers’ chase after the leaders. However as the laps dwindled Scollon clattered off one of the marker tyres but Cassie was clear and he went through for his second win of the night crossing the line ahead of Dick and Forrest.

When the final started Dick made the better of the starts to lead from Scollon and Cassie but the star drivers seemed to have made too good a start and were quickly closing in on the yellow grade drivers. Letford again retired with Cassie moving into second but by this time Shevill was in fourth place. However he had Watters, Paul Honeyman and McLaughlin on his tail and he soon lost ground. Cassie began to close the gap to Dick with McLaughlin getting inside of Shevill with P. Honeyman following through the gap.

However it made no difference with Dick going through to win from McLaughlin who forced his way ahead of Cassie on the last lap to bring his car home in second place.

Despite having their fourth meeting of the month there was surprisingly good turnout of cars with Clifford Doak taking over the wheel of the 216 car. Mind you he had an interesting outing getting caught up in shunts in two of his three outings. Local

The first heat was led off by Mark Blackie but within a couple of laps Craig Tosh was through into the lead. Jonathan Howe moved into second ahead of David Dignan but they were being caught by Leon Stewart. Stewart worked his way through into second spot and soon had Liam McGill closing him down. However when the chequer appeared Tosh was first home but was adjudged to have made too good a start and it was Stewart who inherited the win from L. McGill and the penalised Tosh.

Blackie again made the better of the starts when heat two started but the race was suspended after Bethune got inside of Stewart and Rankine with the latter pair ended up crashing against the wall. Blackie led on the restart but next time around Tosh was through into the lead and simply drove away from the field. Kempton and Doak tangled on the turnstile bend and with Tosh crossing the line to win from L. McGill and James Gray the race was stopped.

The final saw Blackie again lead the field away from Howe with Tosh soon moving into third place. Howe and Tosh were squabbling over second and were soon joined by Simon Morris. However when lapping Doak the cars tangled leaving Doak and Howe sidelined and Morris to received the black flag after being on the hallowed football pitch. Tosh moved into the lead but Blackie was being caught by L. McGill and when the latter tried to overtake he was clipped and spun. Next time around Blackie was clipped and hit a marker tyre, Tosh through carried on with a useful lead as he picked up his second win of the night from Bethune and Dean McGill. Tosh received his trophy plus a tyre from sponsor Protyre Recycling Scotland.

Charlie Santry was a welcome visitor in the Minis who were racing for the Cowdenbeath Civic week cup. The local

The first race was for Whites & Yellow sponsored by Jus Bounce and it was Robbie Hamilton who crossed the finish line ahead of Jake Wilson and Ryan Borthwick.

Heat one was led by Hamilton for a good part of the race but he was spun as did Declan Honeyman but Charlie Faichney’s car stopped on the back straight. Wilson led the field away but Santry charged through to win from R. Borthwick and Taylor Borthwick.

Ethan Doull was the first to show when heat two started but then lost out to Hamilton. Robbie Armit was shunted wide into the wall but Santry was making his way through the field although he had T. Borthwick in close order. With only a couple of laps remaining Santry moved into the lead and through to win from T. Borthwick and Hamilton.

Hamilton got the final underway from Doull but Jay Paterson made a good start and he moved into second a lap later. However a shunt saw Paterson, Kai Gilmour and Mika Millar sidelined bringing the race into suspension. Hamilton led the field away but quickly lost out to R. Borthwick. Santry was quickly making up places but when Mitch Gold’s car shed a wheel the race was again suspended. Santry was the new leader from Scott Allardyce and whilst Santry opened up a gap T. Borthwick moved into second spot. R. Borthwick was shunted wide on the last lap on the pit bend as Santry went through to win from T. Borthwick and Allardyce but just after the flag Scott was edged into the wall and rolled his car. The drivers were presented with their trophies by Tracy Crawford and Steven Haddow.

The Micro F2 drivers reveled on the dry track surface serving up some close and exciting racing with their races being sponsored by Protyre Recycling Scotland. Local

On the opening lap Callan Walker clipped a marker tyre and rolled suspending the race. Connor St Aubyn led the field away but when Ben McLellan and Owen Marshall tangled the race again had to be stopped. Aiden Davidson led the cars away but lost out as Kyle Rogerson nipped through to win from Charlie Burgoyne and Chris Davidson Jnr. Rhys Kelly led the filed away when heat two started but as the race progressed Ross McLaughlin took the lead only to be pipped at the close as Rogerson picked up his second win of the night where he led home McLaughlin and Davidson Jnr.

Heat three was led initially by Billie Summer Glen but she was to lose out to Burgoyne who soon had a big lead. Behind McLaughlin moved into second but had to take a back seat as Burgoyne romped to an easy win. Davidson Jnr snatched second from McLaughlin,

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 697 400 301 670 661 507 125 5 38 684
Heat 2 697 301 400 125 661 670 507 684 5 9
Final 301 684 697 507 670 661 5 400 124 241


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
WY 648 142 604 684 21 688 122 172 641 0
Heat 1 368 604 629 178 142 621 199 50 684 188
Heat 2 368 629 648 42 142 604 612 621 199 627
Final 368 629 178 42 607 188 627 648 142 172

Stock Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 612 62 123 83 263 197 41 447 240 691
Heat 2 123 62 197 374 476 41 240 854 691 257
Final 123 83 263 197 41 257 691 854 0 0