Saturday 2019

The second half of the stock car season resumed at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night and whilst the weather was nothing to write home about the racing certainly was!

The feature race was the 2 Litre Saloon Scottish Championship and it turned out to be a race fitting the importance of a championship with last year’s winner Ian McLaughlin retaining his title. However things didn’t go all his win way and after turning in the fastest lap in practice his engine just wouldn’t run and he had to change an engine between then and the race. He just made it onto the grid before the pit gate was closed. The two Allcomers races that followed were every bit as good. Without doubt this was a great advert for Saloon racing with the fans now eagerly looking forward to the forthcoming World Final.

Dean McGill went on to win the Prostock European Championship not only beating the opposition but having to search for grip after the drizzle started.

Isla Chisholm had an eventful time of it in the Micro F2s finishing the first two of her races in second place and the third resting on a marker tyre!

The first of the Saloon races was the Scottish Championship with 20 cars having qualified for the race. The grid was a public draw with Alisdair Smith on pole with Eck Cunningham alongside whilst behind were McLaughlin and Holly Glen. Barry Russell was to start from row 4, Ross Watters row 8 and Graeme Shevill on row 9.

The race had a dramatic start with Smith the leader but McLaughlin tried to sneak through on the inside only to be squeezed into a marker tyre, career across the track and as he spun bounced onto the bonnet of Watters. On the back straight Smith spun as Raymond Dick charged through into the lead, Andrew Mathieson and Tam Rutherford Jnr spun but with the Smith car sitting across the track the race was suspended. The cars lined up behind Dick and on the restart Dick led from Russell with Cunningham being spun on the pit bend. Next time around Marc Honeyman was ahead and easing away from the field. Shevill moved into second whilst Paul Honeyman retired. Then the race was suspended after Cunningham’s car stopped against the wall on the back straight. Honeyman led Shevill away on the restart but already McLaughlin was now in seventh and closing. On lap fourteen Shevill sent the Honeyman car wide to take the lead with Barry Glen third and Graeme Anderson fourth. Rutherford Jnr ended up against the wall entering the main straight with the cars now beginning to slide after fluid had been dropped onto the track. Shevill bounced off the pit bend wall did Glen and in a flash McLaughlin was in second place with three laps remaining. As McLaughlin made his bid for the lead he got alongside of Shevill and whilst he managed to force his way through Anderson over took both to lead. McLaughlin got alongside going down the straight with Shevill making a last ditch lunge to grab the lead but he only made contact with Anderson and it was McLaughlin who grabbed the win amid a typical Cowdenbeath roar with Shevill just getting to the line ahead of Anderson with only seven cars making it to the finish line.

The first of the Allcomers race saw Kenneth Scollon sending Euan Mathieson crashing into the wall and when he got caught up with Holly Glen on the top bend they veered across the track sending Andrew Mathieson bouncing off a marker tyre. In the end Willie Mitchell won from Russell and Shevill.

The second of the Allcomers saw M. Honeyman and Russell fight it out with Honeyman doing most of the leading only for Russell to get ahead towards the end. When Honeyman made his bid for the lead Russell somehow managed to use his car to get around the pit bend to win from Shevill and P. Honeyman

The Prostock drivers were racing for their European Championship with Ian Christie and Dean Abercrombie shared the front row with Lee Kopacz and Dean McGill on row 2.

Christie led the field away but no sooner had he lost the lead to McGill than the race had to be suspended on lap three after Jack Cameron spun and ended being collected by five cars and suspending the race. On the restart McGill led from Christie but the track was now slippery after the drizzle had started and the drivers were searching for grip. McGill began to ease away from the field with Darren Rae in second. Sean Devine began to make up ground and moved into third but by then McGill had a comfortable lead and he went through to become the European Champion from Rae and Devine.

After that John Jackson took over winning Allcomers race one from Ryan Martin and Rae and the second from Finlay Davidson and Martin.

Despite some of the Ministox drivers being down south at the British Championship there was still a good turnout of drivers.

The opening heat was won by Mika Millar from Charlie Hardie and Rian Mitchell. Heat two was dominated by Hardie who won from Kai Gilmour and Scott Allardyce.

Lauren Ford was the initial leader when the final started but within a couple of laps Hardie had closed the gap before slipping through into the lead. As the race progressed Gilmour moved into second and then began to reel in the leader finally taking the lead during the closing stages as Hardie spun. Gilmour then won from Ryan Borthwick and Mitchell.

There was a big turn out of Micro F2 drivers and despite the conditions the youngsters were in good form with some exciting racing. The youngsters were in good form despite the conditions.

The first heat saw Chris Davidson Jnr lead but was caught by David Philp Jnr but he ended up spinning and it was Mason Howe who went through to win from Isla Chisholm and Kyle Rogerson. Heat two saw Lennon Cuthill lead at the start but half way through Philp Jnr was ahead and whilst he was first home he was penalised for contact and

it was Rogerson who won from Chisholm and Philp Jnr.

The start to heat three was hectic with Chisholm getting caught with two other drivers and ended with the front of her car on one of the marker tyres. Bobby Brandon led the race for most of the time but lost out to Charlie Burgoyne who went on to win from Brandon and Philp Jnr.

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
SC 684 661 229 38 600 8 95 0 0 0
Heat 1 96 600 661 507 45 73 241 301 95 118
Heat 2 600 661 507 73 107 96 229 95 0 0


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 621 7 172 178 604 50 174 648 601 122
Heat 2 7 122 178 50 621 604 172 688 641 675
Final 122 604 172 7 50 174 603 388 675 0


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
EC 1 638 79 605 122 170 760 0 0 0
Heat 1 122 3 638 79 1 16 605 170 145 719
Heat 2 122 282 3 760 170 1 0 0 0 0