Saturday 2019

The 1300 Saloon drivers were in top form at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on a bright but a wee bit chilly Saturday evening when they contested the final of their Gold Roof Series. There was plenty of early lap action and then it settled down a bit before getting exciting towards the end as Cameron Milne went through to win.

Kevin Brown had to be cut out of his banger - the bangers were really thin on the ground after a spin then a hit. In the end he was cut out of his car complaining of a back injury and whisked away to hospital for a check.

Spare a though for saloon driver Marc Honeyman who lined up in his grid position only for the clutch to pack up and he ended up being pushed off the grid.

The main race of the night was the 1300 Series Gold Roof final where the drivers were to line up as a result of the number of points they scored in the qualifying heats.

Fraser Clark and Scott Lindsell shared the front row with Charlie Folan and Aaron Hastie on row 2. Others on the grid were Kyle Hegg and Cameron Milne sharing row six. Clark had a problem prior to the race but was back in his rightful place prior to the start to the race.

The start proved to be explosive with Clark leading but on the pit bend he was sent wide and bounced off the wall and then slowed with a puncture. This let Folan lead with Graham Osbourne spinning and restarting at the tail of the field Lindsell moved into second spot and closed onto Folan’s back bumper with Hastie pushed wide as Hegg made up ground. On lap three the first race stoppage occurred after Gordon Myers was clipped and spun by Jeff Cosans and ended up nose first into the wall. The field lined up behind Folan who made a good restart but soon had Hegg on his back bumper. Hegg’s bid for the lead was spectacular to say the least and ended with him spinning as a result with the remainder of the field having to take avoiding action to miss his car Callum Sturrock was but one who had to retire with the race again having to be suspended. This time Folan had Milne on his back bumper but this time he didn’t make a good restart and ended up being spun with his car coming to rest partially on the main straight bringing out the yellow flag again.

Milne made a good restart from Lindsell with Hastie in third and as the race progressed Milne began to ease away from Lindsell. Hegg was a man on a mission and he began to pick up places. With only a handful of laps to run he was fourth and then on third with a couple of laps remaining. By then Milne was clear and he went through to win from Lindsell and Hegg with white grader Kieran Edgar in fourth place.

In the first of the Allcomers races Dougie Ford went through to win getting the better of Edgar on the closing laps with Clark coming through into third place.

The second heat wasn’t a good one for the Borderers with Ford’s car shedding a wheel whilst in second whilst Edgar had to retire when leading with an overheating problem. In the end Folan went on to win from Clark and James Ellis.

After their exertions over the past couple of weeks it wasn’t surprising that a few of the 2 Litre Saloon drivers were still trying to get their cars ready for action. New faces on the grid were Ross Donaldson and Jordan Lithgow although the latter was having a run in the Eck Cunningham car.

Even before the first heat could start Marc Honeyman had to be pushed off the grid with a clutch failure and was soon heading home.

Although white grader Colin Savage led for most of the opening heat but towards the end of the race he was caught and relegated to third as Scottish Champion Ian McLaughlin went through to win from Kyle Irvine. Heat two was almost a carbon copy of the opening heat with McLaughlin picking up his second win of the night and then led home Irvine and Savage.

Savage led the cars away when the final started from Holly Glen and Robin Copland whilst at the rear of the grid McLaughlin got ahead of Barry Glen but Barry Russell was ahead of Irvine.

Savage was pulling away from the immediate chasers but McLaughlin was on another charge and was soon leading the rd grade drivers chase through the field. Irvine got ahead of Russell. As the laps began to dwindle McLaughlin moved into second which then became the lead after Savage hit the wall swerved and slowed and by the time he restarted he was down the order. This allowed McLaughlin through into the lead and he went on to make it a clean sweep crossing the line clear of Irvine and B. Glen.

There was a healthy turn out of Prostock drivers with Zander Brown and Alex Mill making their debuts. Ian Christie brought out his new car but struggled a bit with it.

Heat one had to be suspended a couple of times but the leader Darren Rae was caught over the closing stages by Dean McGill who went through to win from Rae and Dougie Kidd. In heat two it was Rae who fended off a late challenge by McGill to win with Sean Devine in third spot.

Martin led the cars away when the final started but McGill had made a cracking start – too quick for the Steward’s liking! Rae made a good start to the race and was soon eating into Martin’s lead and then going ahead. McGill was making up ground although he head Devine in close order. The gap between Rae and McGill began to close and soon they were running nose to tail and then McGill managed to get inside of Rae. The cars were evenly matched and it took McGill three laps to force his way ahead and whilst he was first home he was relegated to third as a result of his too quick a start. Rae then picked up his second win of the night over Devine with McGill third.

There is no racing at the Racewall next week with Gordon Moodie defending his Formula II World Championship down at Buxton. Also on the grid are Euan Millar and Robbie Dawson but Steven and Chris Burgoyne, Dennis Middler, Garry Sime and Liam Rennie could also get onto the grid of they do well in the consolation semi-final.

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 684 85 14 600 38 73 241 8 4 62
Heat 2 684 85 14 241 600 38 8 73 62 0
Final 684 85 38 241 600 8 73 14 4 62


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 1 638 145 79 760 170 605 401 0 0
Heat 2 638 1 79 605 401 17 170 255 0 0
Final 638 79 1 255 760 605 170 17 327 0

1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
GRF 60 833 715 488 73 659 6 236 298 642
Heat 1 688 488 668 6 833 659 255 546 66 236
Heat 2 546 668 314 833 6 659 236 66 255 0