Saturday 2021

It was a night where the lower grade drivers dominated the stock car racing at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night with the lower grade drivers winning no fewer than seven of the races.

There were first time wins for Dean McGill and Mika Millar in the Formula IIs, Logan Bruce and Cameron Milne chalked up their first Saloon wins whilst Charlie Faichney collected his in the Minis. There were quite a few close finishes, plenty of shunts and spins. In the Formula IIs Euan Millar clambered over Craig Wallace’s car and rolled after getting a helpful push whilst Graeme Shevill got caught up in a top bend shunt that saw his Saloon perched on one of the marker tyres whilst Barry Russell and Tam Rutherford Jnr fell out after a couple of scrimmages! It was just a good stock car meeting with a great atmosphere.

There were over twenty Formula II drivers at the track including Henry King, Tristan Claydon, Jon Palmer and Luke Wrench whilst the Saloon drivers also crept over the twenty mark. Owen Marshall, Ethan Jack Gemmell and Charlie Burgoyne had moved up from the Micro F2s to the Ministox where the youngsters were in good form as were the Micro F2 drivers although they were slightly down in numbers.

Amongst those in the Formula IIs were local drivers Paul Reid (Cowdenbeath), Gregor Turner (Dunfermline) and Dean McGill (East Wemyss) who were having their first competitive outing in over a year. McGill was back in the Formula IIs after a few years racing other formula whilst the Chris and Steven Burgoyne, Craig Wallace and Euan Millar were on the grid.

The first heat saw Turner retire almost as soon as the race started and Reid a few laps later with McGill soon charging into the lead from Millar. McGill led for a good part of the race but there was a shunt caused by a fluid spill resulting in quite a few drivers crashing into the wall. On the restart McGill led but then lost out to King but the latter was being caught by Craig Wallace who slipped through into the lead to win from King and Liam Rennie.

Heat two was stopped on the first lap when Euan Millar was given a push by C. Burgoyne resulting in his car clambering over Wallace’s and rolled. On the restart McGill again lead the field away but yellow grader Reid soon caught up and then moved into the lead and began to ease away. King moved into second but Reid held on and in the end was just clear of King and Rennie.

When the final started McGill was the first to show with Millar in second but he soon had Emma Mellis closing the gap. Jasson Blacklock slowed to retire with Rennie making good progress although he had Palmer and Wrench in close order. However, McGill was beginning to ease away and he went through to win from Millar and King with Turner finishing in tenth place.

Millar chalked up his first ever Formula II win when he led the Grand National from start to finish where he led home King and Stevie Forster.

Cameron Milne had made the switch from the 1300 to the 2 Litre Saloons whilst Logan Bruce and Brandon Morton were new to the Formula. Stuart Shevill Jnr had returned to the Saloons and there was plenty of action in their races. Local drivers were Eck Cunningham (Leven). Kyle Irvine (Glenrothes), Andrew Mathieson (Lochgelly) and Ross Watters (Kennoway).

Bruce led the cars away when heat one started but Morton was an early spinner. Bruce then lost out to Milne but a few laps later Bruce was back in front. Mathieson slowed to retire with Shevill Jnr leading the chase after the leader. Bruce’s lead began to dwindle and he just held on to win from Milne and Shevill Jnr, with Irvine finishing in fifth and just ahead of Watters.

No sooner had heat two started than it was stopped after a shunt on the top bend left Grame Shevill’s car sitting on a marker tyre whilst the bumper on Ian McLaughlin’s car was wrecked and both Irvine and Watters were out. Milne led on the restart but a few laps later Cunningham was through into second but just ahead of Alisdair Smith. Smith then moved into second but with a couple of laps remaining the race was suspended after Willie Mitchell and Cunningham tangled. Barry Russell sent Tam Rutherford Jnr wide with the latter clattering off Jordan Cassie’s car and with metal on the track the race was suspended. Milne’s lead had disappeared but he made a good restart before going through to win from Smith and Colin Savage but Rutherford Jnr sent the Russell car clattering off the wall with the two ending up not best pals afterwards.

Morton led the cars away when the final started but was then sent into a spin as Milne moved into the lead. However, a couple of laps later the race was suspended after Robin Copland was tee-boned and hit the wall hard. Milne led the field away on the restart but going well was Shevill Jnr and just at the half distance he was in the lead. Irvine appeared in second and began to close but Shevill Jnr held on to win from Irvine and G. Shevill with Watters in fifth place.

The Ministox drivers turned up in their numbers with three new faces having graduated from the Micro F2s. Local interest centered around Jay Paterson (Saline), Jay Carruthers (Kirkcaldy), Scott Allardyce (Anstruther) and Jake Wilson (Kelty).

Their first race of the evening was a white/yellow challenge heat and whilst Gemmell eld over the early stages it was Charlie Faichney who moved ahead and he went through to win from Gemmell and Sam Cavanagh.

There was an early race suspension in their first heat but on the restart Gemmell led from Faichney but they were soon joined by four other cars. When they came together Charlie Hardie charged through and went on to win from Robbie Armit, Ethan Doull and Allardyce with Wilson in sixth place. Kyle Rogerson was the early heat two leader from Gemmell but he was edged wide as Faichney took over second with Cavanagh in third place. In a nail-biting finish Cavanagh dived through to win from Rogerson and Armit with Faichney dropping to fourth and finishing just ahead of Wilson.

Rhys Anderson got the final underway but was then sent into a spin which allowed Charlie Burgoyne to move to the head of the field. However, over the next couple of laps both he and Faichney swapped places but when Anderson was spun on the back straight the race was suspended. Burgoyne led the pack away but when he was pushed wide Armit took over the lead only to be spun allowing Jamie Dawson into the lead. Dawson then had to fend off the attentions of Hardie to win with from Lewis Clark Burgoyne to win the Let the Sparks Fly trophy with Wilson again in sixth place.

There was a smaller than usual field of Micro F2 drivers with the local driver being Connor St. Aubyn (Glenrothes).

Caitlin Mitchell was the early heat one leader but Ben McLellan had made a good start and after a few laps emerged in the lead. Once there he held on to win from Cole Ramsay and St. Aubyn. Billie Summer Glen was the first to show when heat two started but then lost out to St. Aubyn who in turn had to give best to Ramsay. However. McLellan moved from third into the lead within a couple of laps before making it a hat trick of wins where he led home Oliver Heron and Mason Howe with St. Aubyn fourth.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 16 78 3 621 629 24 647 480 652 512
Heat 2 17 78 3 652 560 24 480 629 674 512
Final 263 402 78 621 3 652 24 629 16 391
GN 402 78 652 3 24 647 16 560 480 674

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 601 60 618 14 85 670 661 600 38 684
Heat 2 60 55 684 601 229 8 14 600 5 122
Final 618 85 661 38 670 14 601 96 122 600


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W&Y 675 50 167 88 59 68 680 858 3 628
Heat 1 7 84 21 178 675 142 165 647 680 59
Heat 2 167 88 647 84 167 142 68 59 88 628
Final 165 7 647 84 167 142 68 59 88 628