Saturday 2022

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
Late cancellations due to travel issues and illness meant a more modest entry of 12 BriSCA F2s were at the Racewall for their second meeting of the season. 391 Gregor Turner quickly overhauled 172 Trevor Harris for the lead in heat one but the star grade duo of 16 Craig Wallace and 3 Liam Rennie hit the front with five to go. Wallace crossed the line first ahead of Rennie and 975 Graeme Leckie. It took Turner a bit longer to hit the front in heat two with the lead changing hands shortly before halfway, but this time neither was to be caught as Turner led Harris home with Rennie the first red top home in third. Harris led the Final away and built up a sustainable gap out front, meanwhile a red top train including Rennie, Wallace and 674 Steven Burgoyne was carving its way through the pack. Harris held the lead until the lap boards appeared with Rennie eventually moving the 172 car wide and going on to win, with Wallace and Burgoyne completing the top three. Despite being shadowed all the way in the Grand National by Leckie, Harris took the win, Leckie was second and Burgoyne third.

Saloon Stock Cars
A better showing of 15 Saloon Stock Cars included six drivers who were making their track debuts for the season. Heat one was halted early on when 45 Eck Cunningham required attention following a knock against the turnstile bend wall. The restart was also shortlived, after 86 Andy Ainslie was dispatched by 600 Barry Russell. 670 Ross Watters led the second restart but was overhauled by 38 Barry Glen. Russell made a successful bid to win on the final corner with Watters second and 5 Tam Rutherford Jnr third while Glen limped home in sixth. 546 Charlie Folan was quickly overhauled out front by 697 Jordan Cassie at the start of the second heat. Cassie, and second placed Glen, were to lose out on the last bend when they took the outside line to avoid the spun Folan, and European & Scottish Champion 85 Kyle Irvine nipped through up the inside. Russell also made it through for second while Glen finished third. The Final saw a great battle between Cassie and 407 Declan Honeyman for much of the race, with star drivers Watters, Irvine and Russell coming into play towards the closing stages. Watters was ahead for the first time on the final lap, but was pushed into the wall on the final bend by both Honeyman and Irvine. Watters was able to ride the contact out to take the win with Irvine second and Russell third – Honeyman eventually crossed the line eighth after spinning on the final bend.

Prostock Basics
A good field of 17 Prostock Basics included debuts for 40 Alexander Taylor, 348 Liam Boyle, 680 Jamie Reid and 799 Becca Borthwick. Boyle was still in the lead of the opening heat of the night when the yellow flags were brought out for Borthwick who was stranded on the exit of the turnstile bend. 680 Jamie Reid got the better of Boyle on the restart to win with 64 Callum Rennie just pippimg Boyle to second place. Heat two saw both Boyle and 26 Steven Jones spinning on the opening bend leaving Borthwick in the lead. 21 Taylor Osborne took over in front for a few laps before 984 Cammy Deans moved through into the lead. Despite a late challenge from Rennie, Deans held on to win while 240 Graeme Dignan completed the top three. Boyle led the Final until a stoppage with five laps to go when Reid and Borthwick tangled heavily on the entry to the home straight. Deans took over at the restart and was able to fend off the hard-charging Rennie and 999 Nicole Russell with the trio finishing in that order.

Micro F2
A decent field of 15 Micro F2s took to the track for their season opener. Heat one was brought to a halt midway through due to a tangle between 46 Cruz Strachan and 245 Jayden Barrie. 57 Calvin Gemmell moved clear at the restart to win ahead of 557 Corey Mathers and 754 Finlay Gemmell. Barrie and Mathers tangled in heat two, to bring the yellow flags out. C. Gemmell again was able to capitalise and take the flag ahead of F. Gemmell and 29 Aiden Davidson. 015 Taylor Rigby was the winner of the third heat, crossing the line ahead of Mathers and F. Gemmell while Barrie was awarded 'driver of the meeting'.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 16 3 975 674 391 652 679 172 280 217
Heat 2 391 172 3 674 16 629 975 652 280 679
Final 3 16 674 629 172 975 391 652 280 679
GN 172 975 674 629 16 391 652 280 3 679

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 600 670 5 85 122 38 125 8 0 0
Heat 2 85 600 38 697 407 122 670 8 5 619
Final 670 85 600 697 5 122 125 407 8 619

Prostock Basics

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 680 64 348 240 764 984 600 999 698 700
Heat 2 984 64 240 21 600 999 764 822 688 700
Final 984 64 999 348 600 410 688 240 822 21