Friday 2022

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
A good showing of 14 BriSCA F2s were on hand to contest the first of their two Friday evening fixtures for the season, including English visitors 184 Aaron Vaight and 251 Craig Driscoll. 172 Trevor Harris led for most of the opening heat but it was 7 Gordon Moodie who led 647 Chris Burgoyne home at the chequered flag. 3 Liam Rennie took third, as chaos ensued behind. Harris spun on the entry to the home straight, with 629 Euan Millar crossing the line minus a back wheel, having tagged Harris' front bumper on his way to the line. The incident sidelined Harris for the rest of the meeting, so it was 975 Graeme Leckie who led the way for the majority of heat two. Leckie was pushed wide into the wall by C. Burgoyne as the race entered its final stages, forcing him into retirement. C. Burgoyne went on to take the win, with Moodie second and Rennie third. 621 Emma Mellis was the leader at the start of the Final but Moodie was ahead before half distance. Moodie held on to win despite a late charge from World Champion C. Burgoyne, while 674 Steven Burgoyne was third. The Grand National was cancelled due to time constraints.

ORCi Stock Rods
There were 15 ORCi Stock Rods present, including a season debut for 629 Taylor Borthwick. 123 Craig Tosh was quickly into the lead at the start of the opening heat and sped to victory, as he had done at the last fixture. 172 Derek Conner and 644 Martin Rankine rounded out the top three. 79 Sean Devine was the early leader in heat two, before an unfortunate incident between 29 David Philp Jnr and 285 Peter Henderson suspended the race at half distance. Devine held off the chasing pack to take his first win in the formula, with Conner second and 83 Michael Bethune third. 17 Dylan Smart led the Final away and despite some significant bodywork damage, and a group of experienced drivers behind him, he held his nerve to take his second victory of the season. Rankine was second and British Champion 272 John McAllister third, in a race that saw the top three separated by just over half a second at the finish line.

ORCi Ministox
The Ministox entry included seven drivers making their debuts for 2022, including four drivers making their first ever appearance at the Racewall as well as long-distance traveller 970 Millie Farrell. Such was the volume of cars, that a two from three format was deployed, before an all-in Final. Heat one for drivers in groups A and B was stopped early on first for 014 Demi Ritchie, who was stranded in a precarious position on the entry to the turnstile bend. 675 Charlie Faichney was spun at the restart, and while he was able to rejoin the race after a couple of laps, 7 Charlie Hardie had smacked off the home straight wall in avoidance, and the race was suspended again to help him from his car. With the lap boards out the race was suspended for a third time, this time because 680 Bobby Brandon had stopped on the outside of the turnstile bend after a tangle with 167 Sam Cavanagh. 84 Robbie Armit eventually took the win, with 42 Jake Wilson second and 145 Rachel Kidd third. Heat two for drivers in groups B and C was a far more straightforward affair. Armit got himself into the lead early into the race and it looked as if he was going to take a second victory of the evening. However – Armit was to spin on the turnstile bend on the final lap of the race, leaving Hardie to take a narrow victory ahead of 3 Madison Gilmour and 178 Scott Allardyce. Heat three for drivers in groups A and C lasted until half distance before the race was stopped for 644 Owen Marshall, who had spun drivers' side on to the traffic on the back straight. Wilson, who had taken the lead just before the yellow flags were brought out, led the field away and reeled off the remaining laps to take the win, with Faichney and S. Allardyce the second and third placed drivers. Despite the action-packed nature of the meeting, 26 drivers returned to do battle in the Final. The first suspension came when Farrell performed a slow roll-over on the turnstile bend after a tangle with Brandon. The restart was very short-lived, with 689 Abbie Carruthers spinning on the pit bend almost as soon as the green flag dropped. The grid was quickly reformed although there was soon to be another stoppage, this time for 78 Nicole Allardyce who had been spun and was stranded facing the traffic on the home straight. S. Allardyce led the field away although he was pushed down the order as Wilson took over in front. Armit spun Wilson a couple of laps later to take it up before Hardie turned Armit around at the end of the home straight, leaving him and S. Allardyce to battle it out for victory. As the leading duo went around the final bend, S. Allardyce clipped the backmarking 27 Robbie Scott, unsettling his car, spinning the 7 car on the run up to the line in the process. Hardie still crossed the line first to win, with S. Allardyce second and Gilmour third – the latter collecting the recovering Hardie just after the finish line with a few drivers joining the melee after the flag.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 7 647 3 629 251 184 652 280 621 975
Heat 2 647 7 3 629 674 652 184 280 251 17
Final 7 647 674 3 621 251 652 184 280 975


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 84 42 145 970 88 172 858 388 689 675
Heat 2 7 3 178 145 970 165 627 50 68 167
Heat 3 42 675 178 627 680 165 68 50 699 858
Final 7 178 3 50 165 145 68 627 675 84

Stock Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 123 172 644 83 29 351 612 272 79 338
Heat 2 79 172 83 644 351 272 240 338 686 612
Final 17 644 272 83 79 351 240 338 172 612