Saturday 2023

It was a cloudy evening at the Racewall on Saturday night and unfortunately there were a few late call offs from the Saloons. The track was wet and slippery and once there was a coating of oil it began to create more problems for the drivers.
Kevin Bruce took over his son Harry's Saloon whilst Matty Stirling was one of the late call offs. Despite the conditions the Saloon drivers were in good form with plenty of contact with the wall as the drivers searched for grip.
Kai Gilmour made the better of the starts when heat one started getting ahead of Andy Ainslie but a fast starting Kevin Bruce was trying to close them down. Euan Mathieson had a spin as Jordan Cassie began to make inroads through the pack. Holly Glen retired as Cassie caught Zak Gilmour to grab second. He then set about closing down the leader going ahead with four laps remaining. Cassie then eased away to win from K. Gilmour and Ross Watters. Heat two was another cracking Saloon race with K. Gilmour again leading the field away but on the opening lap both Ainslie and Dale Robertson spun. K. Gilmour was being hunted down by first Euan then Andrew Mathieson but had a useful lead. Then the dreaded yellow flags appeared with debris lying in the middle of the pit bend. K. Gilmour led them away but now had A. Mathieson, Ross Watters and Cassie in close order. A. Mathieson slowed as Watters closed right up to the leader and then diving inside to take the lead. Once there he went on to win from Cassie and Stevie Honeyman. 
The final was yet another cracking Saloon race with K. Gilmour again beating Ainslie away from the line. Z. Gilmour was sent spinning on the main straight but quickly restarted.  Robertson moved into second ahead of Holly Glen but Watters was beginning to make up ground. Barry Glen and Declan Honeyman were running nose to tail and clattering off the wall as they tried to gain ground on those ahead. Watters moved into second and began to reel in the leader. It came down to a last bender with Watters making contact but K. Gilmour just held on for a narrow win, with a huge roar from the fans, leading home Watters and Robertson but both Bruce and Cassie had a spin after the crossing the finish line.
Amongst those in action in the Formula IIs was Ryan Farquhar from Aberlour.
The opening Formula II heat saw Farquhar appear along with the Burgoyne brothers Chris and Steven but Brian Hogg Jnr was absent having injured his back.
Ryan McGill, now racing from the yellow grade after his final win of last week, led the cars away from Emma Mellis but the drivers were searching for grip on the wet track. John Hogg, Liam Rennie and Gordon Moodie were running in close order and making progress through the field. McGill began to ease away as Rennie caught Mellis but was still adrift when the chequered flag dropped. Moodie grabbing third from Mellis on the penultimate lap. Mellis was the early heat two leader from McGill but at the rear of the field Rennie made a better start and was running ahead of Moodie. Peter Watt spun and was collected by Farquhar and whilst both restarted the latter was soon to retire. Rennie was making quick progress and took the lead not long after the half distance before going on to win from Moodie and Mellis.
The Formula II Final was led off by Mellis from McGill but an early casualty was Moodie who was squeezed against the wall and had to retire. C. Burgoyne and Rennie were making headway through the field with McGill taking the lead and easing away. C. Burgoyne was running close to the wall where all the grip was and began to close in on the leader. With only a few laps remaining C. Burgoyne took the lead and through to win from McGill and Rennie.
The Grand National was led for a good part by Mellis, McGill having to retire after clipping the wall. Rennie was going well and towards the end of the race caught and passed Mellis to win from John Hogg in third.
The Prostock Basics were fast and exciting with plenty of close racing.
Connor Gibson-Leitch led the field away to get heat one underway but after a couple of laps he was sidelined with Martin Joy taking the leading and quickly pulling away from the field. Liam Boyle began to work his way through the field whilst Martin Duncan retired after glancing the wall. In the end Joy won from Boyle with Jock Galloway in third. Heat two was led from start to finish by Aimee Winfield who picked up her first ever win in the process and she crossed the finish line well clear. Galloway and Joy ran in close order throughout the race but Boyle slowly caught them and snatched second with Joy in third.
The final saw both Alan Duncan and Gibson-Leitch back out with the latter leading the field away but next time round they had swapped places. Winfield got ahead of M. Duncan and into third and then set about those ahead. It didn't take her long to take the lead but Joy had moved into second and began to close. Further back Joanne Hilditch and Boyle were scrapping over third. As the race progressed the gap between the leading cars dwindled but Winfield held on for her second win of the night leading Joy and Boyle home.
There were three newcomers in the Micro F2s namely Aimee Youngson, Ryan McGregor and Harry Yule.
Rhys Walker led the cars away when heat one started but after a few laps Corey Mathers made short work of charging his way through the field going on to win from Jayden Barrie and Lana Middler. Walker was again the early heat two leader but after a couple of laps Elliot Royal took over. There was nothing they could do to stop a fly Mathers who passed both. However, with the chequer in sight he spun to miss another spinning car. This handed the lead to Oakley Grief and he went through to win from Barrie and Middler. The third heat saw Royal lead but there was to be no stopping Mathers who strolled through the field to record an easy win with Evie McLellan grabbing second from Royal with Ryan McGregor being awarded driver of the meeting.  

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 463 3 7 621 92 419 647 674 17 217
Heat 2 3 7 621 92 463 647 674 17 280 217
Final 647 463 3 674 621 92 280 419 217 0
GN 3 621 92 647 280 419 7 0 0 0

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 697 122 670 121 607 407 124 38 125 19
Heat 2 670 697 607 121 407 122 38 8 36 19
Final 121 670 19 407 38 697 607 122 8 36

Prostock Basics

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 698 348 410 64 240 700 65 822 17 0
Heat 2 822 348 698 65 410 64 240 17 700 0
Final 822 698 348 700 65 764 422 64 40 240