Saturday 2023

It was a dry but cold evening at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday evening but at least it was dry. Emma Mellis had a joyous night winning both of the Formula II heats and then the Final moving up to the blue grade for next week. Rubens Millar won the white/yellow challenge heat picking up his first ever win on his first ever Ministox race! Callum McIvor and Robbie Armit each had double wins whilst visitor Dan Roots won the Formula II Grand National on his first visit to the Racewall
Amongst those in the Formula IIs were Gordon Moodie, Paul and Craig Reid and Kieran Howie whilst Dan Roots was a welcome visitor from Aldershot. The drivers were having their first taste of racing with the new HiFly tyres which caused the drivers a few headaches 
Heat one was led off by Mellis from Howie with Roots running just ahead of Peter Watt. Mellis began to ease away whilst Roots moved into second with Watt third. Moodie began to make up ground but Steven Burgoyne slowed and retired. Whilst Moodie moved into second during the closing stages there was nothing he could do about the lead that Mellis had built up and she went through for an easy win with Watt finishing in third. Although Howie was the initial leader when heat two started, he was eased wide on the pit bend as C. Reid hit the front. However, a couple of laps later Mellis was ahead. Watt retired with a puncture whilst Jason Blacklock hit a problem and retired. Mellis eased away from the pack until Moodie appeared in second. The gap began to close but Mellis held on to win from Moodie and Howie. 
There was drama right at the start to the final when Moodie's slowed and he coasted out of the race. Howie led from Mellis and C. Reid but after a few laps Mellis took the lead. C. Reid spun and restarted as Roots began to close on Howie. Craig Wallace retired with Mellis by now well clear and she went through to make it a hat trick of wins. Roots claimed the runner up spot on the penultimate lap with Howie having to look sharp to keep John Hogg behind.
Howie led the Grand National for a few laps but then lost out to Roots who went through to win from Moodie and Watt
As usual the ORCi Ministox turned up in their numbers and included local drivers Kerr Paterson, Nicole Allardyce and Rian Mitchell. 
Their opening heat was for white and yellow grade drivers only and gridded ten cars.
Almost immediately the action started with Paterson and Ollie Sime tangling with the Paterson car being hit by a couple whilst Rhys Anderson ended up against the wall as a result.
The grid was reformed minus Anderson with Rubens Millar leading the field away and he soon broke away as Finlay Gemmell, Paterson and Sime diced for second. Gemmell was spun with Sime moving from fourth to second but was too far adrift. Millar then went through to win, his first win on his first appearance from Sime and Paterson with Gemmell snatching fourth from Kevin Graham on the run up to the finish line.
After a couple of laps R. Millar was in the lead when heat one started from F. Gemmell took but he was to lose out as Anderson moved into second. Bailey Millar was making progress through the field but Demi Ritchie was sent spinning as Robbie Armit made up ground. The gap between the leading cars closed and on the run up to the chequer Bailey just pipped Rubens for the win with Armit ending up in third place.  Sime was the early heat two leader but his time in the lead was brief when Paterson overtook and eased away B. Millar spun as did a few others suspending the race. Paterson led on the restart but a couple of laps later Armit and Dawson were the leading duo. The leaders circulated nose to tail for the remainder of the race with Armit just holding on to win from Dawson with Paterson an excellent third in a fast and exciting race.
Over the opening laps of the final Sime, F. Gemmell then Paterson led. B. Millar was closing the gap to the leaders. F. Gemmell was spun and then a three car shut stopped the race. The leader Paterson ending up against the pit bend wall. At the restart B. Millar had Armit, Rachel Kidd and Dawson in close order and they ran for a few laps in that order. Armit forced his way ahead of B. Millar to lead but all four crossed the finish line as one with Armit winning from B. Millar and Kidd but she had Dawson alongside as they flashed across the finish line.
The Prostock Basics were back in action with local drivers being Martin and Alan Duncan, Graeme Dignan, Dave and Callum Rennie and Liam Boyle.
Connor Gibson-Leitch led the field away but after a couple of laps had to give best to Martin Duncan. Closing the leaders down was Aimee Winfield but she had Martin Joy in close order but soon to join them were Callum Rennie and Lauren Ford.  As the laps dwindled Winfield moved into the lead and just fended off the attentions of C. Rennie to win with Joy in third spot.
Alan Duncan led the field away when heat two started but Joanne Hilditch hit problems and lost a lap. M. Duncan then moved ahead but he was slowly being caught by Joy. Behind them Nicole Russell and Liam Boyle were running in close order. Then a tangle on the turnstile bend halted the race with four cars caught up and suspending the race. The field lined up behind M. Duncan and when the heat restarted, he soon had Joy and Winfield in close order and despite the attempts of Joy he held onto win by a narrow margin from Joy and Winfield.
The final saw Gibson-Leitch and A. Duncan run side by side for a few laps which allowed the field to close up. Joy found a line to move into second and then the lead shortly after. C. Rennie made inroads to move into second and slowly closed the gap. When Joy was delayed lapping back markers Rennie closed right up but once clear Joy was able to open a gap to pick up an exciting win from C. Rennie and Boyle.
In the Prostock the locals were Jordan Dignan, Callum McIvor, Kev Bell and Ian Christie. 
Bell led Dignan away when heat one started but after a couple of laps Dignan was spun. 
McIvor closed the gap to Bell before taking the lead and on to win although he spun Becki Ritchie across the line winning from Bell and Christie. Heat two was halted on the second lap after a three car shunt that left McIvor, Bob Conway and Grant Barker in a heap. On the restart Bell led from Dignan but Gavin Ritchie spun him before closing down Bell. They raced nose to tail, G. Ritchie got ahead but when Bell retook the lead he was sent wide as G. Ritchie again led. At the flag Whilst G. Ritchie was first home, he was penalised two places for a jumped start with Bell the winner from Scott Gardner and G. Ritchie.
Dignan was the early leader when the final started but had Bell on his back bumper with McIvor closing. It didn't take McIvor long to take the lead but Dignan was sent spinning out of second. Bell had his hands full staying ahead of Conway with Ryan Martin closing
the gap. McIvor was well clear when Conway was sent spinning and he went on to win from Bell and Douglas.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 621 7 280 776 92 16 17 679 512 217
Heat 2 621 7 679 92 776 16 674 17 217 0
Final 621 776 679 92 280 674 17 512 217 0
GN 776 7 280 92 679 674 512 217 621 0


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W+Y 621 480 629 51 249 78 879 0 0 0
Heat 1 60 621 84 858 145 165 628 167 629 14
Heat 2 84 165 629 172 628 51 680 167 644 480
Final 84 60 145 165 858 50 14 644 51 628


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 37 23 213 231 170 214 304 76 0 0
Heat 2 23 805 213 304 760 170 214 640 76 0
Final 37 23 31 805 170 760 214 304 640 0

Prostock Basics

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 822 64 698 688 348 764 700 999 240 65
Heat 2 17 698 822 999 348 688 65 764 374 700
Final 698 64 348 65 822 700 999 17 688 764