Saturday 2023

The Cowdenbeath Racewall was bathed in sunshine at the start to the Easter Saturday evening meeting which attracted quite a few visiting Formula II drivers to the oval. The track was dry which was conducive to fast racing and that was what the fans were treated to. Jus Bounce had a bouncy castle for the kids which was well used throughout the meeting.
Gordon Moodie finally picked up his first Formula II final win of the season whilst Keith Chesher had a good night in his Escort winning all three of the Classic Hot Rod races. Spare a thought for Paul Moss who travelled all the way from the South West only to be caught up in the opening lap shunt and that was his meeting over!
Amongst the seventeen Formula II drivers at the track were visitors Paul Moss - he had raced at Taunton whilst Tom Bennett and Dan Roots - the latter duo had raced at Skegness on Friday with Bennett winning a heat and Roots the final. Joe Woods had hoped to make the trip but he had problems with his tow truck. Last week’s hat trick lady Emma Mellis joined Ryan McGill in the blue grades
Brian Hogg Jnr led the field away when heat one started but the drivers’ encountered problems which sent cars sliding into the turnstile bend on the oil which suspended the race. Amongst those side lined were P. Reid, Jason Blacklock, Moss, Emma Mellis, McGill, Kieran Howie, Peter Watt, Steven Burgoyne and Gordon Moodie. The grid reformed with only six of the original starters being able to restart the race. Craig Reid led the cars away but after a couple of laps Bennett was ahead. Chris Burgoyne made short work of getting into second whilst John Hogg and Craig Wallace were scrapping. Just after the half distance Burgoyne took the lead and he went through to win from Bennett and Hogg. Most of the casualties from heat one were back out with Howie leading the field away from C. Reid and Bennett leading the blue grade chase. Jason Blacklock slowed to retire as Bennett moved into second before S. Burgoyne retired.
Watt retired after a brush with the wall then Bennett hit the front. Howie spun out of second allowing Roots to take over. Moodie began struggling with a problem then C. Reid spun. In the end Bennett won from Roots and Mellis. 
The start to the final proved to be hectic with Watt being squeezed into the pit bend wall and then along with Mellis crashed heavily into the turnstile bend wall suspending the race. Both drivers required assistance out of their cars as a result. Howie was the leader on the restart from C. Reid but they were quickly brushed aside as Roots forced his way into the lead. Moodie was on a charge quickly getting ahead of Wallace then Hogg before setting about closing the gap to Roots. It took him a couple of laps before he took the lead and eased away.  C. Burgoyne moved into second as Roots fell back into the clutches of S. Burgoyne. Hogg spun out of fifth and restarted but Howie retired. Whilst the leaders were clear the battle for third went right to the end with Roots just holding on to the final podium place.
C. Burgoyne then rounded off the meeting by winning the Grand National from Bennett
The ORCi Stock Rods were back in action with Stuart McKinnon having his first outing of the year. David Philp Jnr was back after missing the previous meeting. Chris Chance had borrowed Leon Stewart’s old car his still being repaired his car after being on the receiving end if damage last time out.
Graham Osborne was the first to show but early spinners were David Dignan and Philp Jnr although both restarted. Bailey McKinnon was ahead on lap two and eased away with Stuart Wedderburn in second but he was soon to come under pressure from Dylan Smart, Derek Conner and Michael Bethune. James Gray retired minus his front valance and a couple of laps later James Halkett was on the sidelines. B. McKinnon held on to win but Wedderburn had to fend off Conner and Bethune for second. Only S. McKinnon failed to appear for heat two which was a cracking race with dicing throughout the field. Paul Prentice led the field away from Dignan and they eased away. Sean Naismith was eased wide as Stewart Paterson moved out into third but had the field in close order.  Paterson soon had Bethune, Smart and Gray in close order. Dignan closed in on Prentice, then dived inside to lead. Paterson now was under pressure from Bethune as they closed the gap to Prentice. As Dignan eased away Prentice was caught and lost ground. In the end Dignan won from Paterson and Bethune. 
The Final turned into a hard race with B. McKinnon leading from Dignan with Paterson leading the chase. The latter was slowly being reeled in by the pack led by Conner. Soon it became a five way dice for the lead. James Gray retired but as Dignan made his bid for the lead he was clipped and spun out. Conner was now in second and just ahead of Bethune and Philp Jnr although the latter duo swapped places. Then it all happened as Conner got ahead, Bethune and Philp Jnr crashed out with their being a brief fire under the bonnet of Bethune's car. Conner was the winner whilst B. McKinnon car lost a wheel and he places with Leon Stewart second and Smart third.
Amongst the Classic Hot Rods were Keith Chesher, Kieran Johnson, John McFarlane and Trevor Harris as the local drivers.
Harris encountered a problem in the pits and failed to start the first race. John Watkins led initially from Davie Low but a couple of laps later they swapped places. Chesher was flying and before the half distance was through into the lead and pulling away. Johnson moved into second but Low and Watkins were running nose to tail. In the end Chesher recorded any easy win from Johnson with Watkins third. There was drama on the warm up lap when Johnson spun and Harris did likewise to miss his car. When the race started Watkins led from Low and Johnson with Chesher appearing in fourth and then picked off those ahead of him until he hit the front. Once there he eased away to an easy win over Watkins and Low who just fended off Johnson. 
Watkins led the cars away at the start to the Final from Low and Johnson but Chesher was soon into his stride and picked them off one by one as he went on to a hat trick of wins. Watkins held onto second but Johnson snatched third from Low on the penultimate lap.
In the Micro F2s was Elliot Royal from Sunderland - a winner last time out.
Royal led the cars away when heat one started with Lana Middler moving into second. She was caught by Ashton Smith who then spun. Cruz Strachan then took the lead and he went onto win from Middler and Royal. Royal led the cars away at the start of heat two but this time there was to be no stopping Ashton Smith who quickly hit the front and on to win. Jayden Barrie and Middler diced over second for most of the race with Barrie just fending off her challenge but they were adrift of the winner.
Bobbie Smith was the initial final leader but after a couple of laps Royal was ahead and B. Smith and Middler were dicing for second. As the race progressed it came a five way dice with Oakley Grief, Cruz Strachan and Jack Lilley joining in. It came to grief on the run up to the line when Middler, B. Smith and Grief crashed out. Royal was the winner from Lilley and Strachan with Corey Mathers being award driver if the day.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 647 213 92 16 217 73 0 0 0 0
Heat 2 213 776 621 647 92 16 7 463 679 512
Final 7 647 776 674 16 213 92 512 463 217
GN 647 213 92 674 16 512 463 217 0 0

Stock Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 141 351 172 83 700 17 46 854 612 123
Heat 2 240 48 83 257 29 17 197 172 612 351
Final 172 612 17 351 854 123 0 0 0 0

Classic Hot Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 162 70 63 631 84 0 0 0 0 0
Heat 2 162 63 631 70 12 84 0 0 0 0
Final 162 63 70 631 84 0 0 0 0 0