Saturday 2023

There was no shortage of spectacular shunts at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on a bright and sunny Saturday evening with the fans being treated to some to some exciting racing.
Amongst the Banger drivers who turned up for the BBA Unlimited World Cup was the defending champion Stevo McGrath from Ireland but surprisingly he was the only previous winner on the grid. The winner of the World Cup was also presented by the Racing for Ramsay trophy which is now to be an annual award.,
Making their Saloon debuts were Kyle Cotterell and Killian Brokken, who was over from the Netherlands, and was using Willie Mitchell 's car. Eck Cunningham and Gemma Russell were having their first outing at the Racewall. Also in the Saloon ranks were Matty Stirling back over from Northern Ireland and I believe the first driver from there to lead the National Points.
It was a joy night for Saloon driver Kai Gilmour and Junior Banger driver Riley Marsh who each won three races. However, Cotterell’s debut in the Saloons was a difficult pone, he crashed out in the white/yellow heat and then the opening heat where he needed assistance out of his car.
Amongst those in action for the World Cup were McGrath, Steven Bolton, David Gurney and Stacey Holdsworth and after a parade lap the grid was formed. Harry Cobb's car failed to start and a lap later Pete McVay was side lined with a misfire. Sean McConnachie in his Limo made it until lap four when a massive shunt on the back straight blocked the track and stopped the race. Such was the carnage that only seventeen cars were able to restart with Liam Lake leading from Jordan Cumming but after a lap he was shunted wide as Micky Maskell took the lead. Blake Platts moved into second but soon had McGrath closing. Maskell eased away to win but Platts drifted wide on the last bend but just held on for the runner up spot as McGrath got alongside on the run up to the flag. Marc Dalgarno led the cars away when the first Allcomers started and soon had built up a decent lead. Gurney moved into second but then lost out to Lake. Gav Reid was sent spinning with Platts moving into second. The gap closed, Platts sent Dalgarno wide and he spun after hitting the Reid car. Colin Riddell was sent spinning at the end of the main straight as Platts went through to win from Cummings and Bolton.
At the start to Allcomers two Campbell was on the receiving end of a five car push and ended up against the main straight wall. Lake crashed into the rear of the Cummings car wrecking it in the process. Steven Bolton moved into the lead and stayed there to the end winning from Blake and Harry Gelsthorp.
Maskell then won the Dash from Bolton and Cumming whilst McGrath went on to win a tame Destruction Derby. 
There were again twenty Saloon drivers at the track which meant a double points final and whilst Kielan Ogilvie led the cars away at the start to the white/yellow heat, Kai Gilmour then took over with Dale Robertson chasing. Cotterell drifted wide bounced off the wall and hit a marker tyre. Gilmour reeled off the laps to win from Robertson with Mathieson in third.
The opening heat didn't last long with Cotterell spinning and being hit by the pack leaving six cars caught up. The race was suspended and the grid reformed. K. Gilmour went straight into the lead running ahead of Andy Ainslie and they stayed like that right to the end of the race.  Zak Gilmour was in a three way fight for third but was able to hang on to win whilst Declan Honeyman got the better of a four way dice for sixth place with Watters in eighth place.
K. Gilmour got heat two underway leading from Ainslie and Ogilvie and once he had shaken them off, he built up a big lead. After the half distance Ogilvie and Stevie Honeyman tangled on the main straight and with the latter stranded the race was suspended. Although Gilmour led on the restart he was brushed aside by Watters and Matty Stirling. Graeme Shevill was sent wide to the wall as Gilmour lost the lead. Although Watters was just ahead at the start to the last lap Stirling forced his way into the lead and on to win from Watters.
At the start to the final both Glen and Mathieson spun on the main straight and whilst Ogilvie was the initial leader, K. Gilmour was soon through into the lead. Ogilvie and Ainslie fought over second but whilst they did so they were being caught by Reynolds and the pack led by S. Honeyman. The red graders were fighting for second with S. Honeyman taking over only to retire with engine problems. The white graders dropped back but Stirling was clipped into a spin. By then, K. Gilmour was clear of the field and he went on to win from Watters and Reynolds.
K. Gilmour made it a third win of the night when he won the Allcomers but this time it was his brother Zak who chased him home with Stirling third. Watters was spun on the run up to the finish line and dropped from fourth to seventh crossing the line in a cloud of tyre smoke as he did so.
The Junior Bangers were in good form with James Slater triple rolled his car in the opening heat just after Baillie Glencross had rolled her car on the back straight! Loggie, whose car was a replica of his grandad’s stock rod of the early 80s had led the cars away but lost out to Riley Marsh who was being hounded by Slater. Cole Ramsay spun as did Ryan Strachan. Glencross rolled her car on the back straight as Slater's rolled his on the pit bend with the race halted. Marsh won from Alex McBain and Loggie who was running with only three wheels pointing in the same direction. Heat two saw Lexi Finney go straight into the lead but the race was suspended after a brief fire in Loggie's car. Finney led the field away and through to win from McBain and Marsh.
Slater reappeared as Glencross led the cars away but next time around Finney was spun and restarted. Marsh took the lead, Loggie and Strachan spun and restarted only for the latter to be spun on the back straight and be clipped by Glencross.  The race was suspended but, on the restart, Marsh led whilst Loggie spun. Finney was on a charge but Marsh held on to win the Final from Finney with Regan Moore in third.
Marsh then won the Allcomers race where he led home Finney and Loggie.

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W+Y 121 19 125 86 606 0 984 0 0 0
Heat 1 121 86 122 760 697 407 661 670 607 608
Heat 2 747 760 670 121 122 661 86 697 607 984
Final 121 670 760 697 661 122 86 608 626 747
Allcomers 121 122 747 760 626 661 670 86 608 8

National Bangers

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
World Cup 327 459 388 570 1 935 271 0 0 0
AC 1 459 59 222 455 699 555 1 570 639 310
AC 2 59 459 555 699 327 388 935 455 114 639
Dash 327 59 570 699 935 388 639 114 0 0
DD 388 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Junior Bangers

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 701 610 227 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Heat 2 455 610 701 70 64 259 81 0 0 0
Final 701 455 64 227 0 0 0 0 0 0
Allcomers 701 455 227 687 259 81 0 0 0 0