Saturday 2023

As the afternoon wore on the sky darkened and a drizzle started, true to form, at the stock car meeting at the Cowdenbeath Racewall.  There were good fields if cars in all the classes racing with the Formula II Final being the Allan Hastie Cuthill Memorial trophy. 
Amongst those in action in the Formula IIs were Stevie Forster, Graeme Leckie, Mika Millar and Adam Blacklock who was using brother Jason's car. Ryan Farquhar and Tom Bennett were the visitors.
Brian Hogg Jnr encountered a problem on the opening lap and pulled out. The grid reformed with Hogg Jnr rejoining and leading the field away but he slowed and it was Craig Reid who led although he was to be caught a few laps later as Bennett hit the front. Craig Wallace and Adam Blacklock locked bumpers and retired. Chris Burgoyne was catching Bennett and moved into the lead during the closing lap on the pit bends. Ryan McGill drifted wide and clipped the parked cars of Wallace and Blacklock and ripped a wheel of the front of his car. C. Burgoyne went on to win from Bennett and Liam Rennie. Wallace was sent wide on the turnstile bend and retired at the start to heat two with Kieran Howie leading from Craig Reid but making a quick start was Mika Millar with Bennett in tow. Millar soon caught and passed Howie and whilst Bennett moved into second he was soon sidelined in a cloud of smoke. Millar was clear and went on to win from Gordon Moodie with Liam Rennie in third spot. Hogg Jnr led the cars away at the start to the Allan Hastie Cuthill Memorial trophy race but he quickly retired with Howie leading from C. Reid. Bennett made a good start and was leading the chase whilst at the rear of the grid Moodie was ahead of Rennie. Bennett caught the leaders with Moodie moving into second as the laps dwindled. Moodie was on Bennett's back bumper but there was now fluid on the track and he dropped back into the clutches of C. Burgoyne and then dropped to third. Bennett reeled of the remaining laps to win from C. Burgoyne and Moodie but there were also prizes for Howie, Hogg Jnr and Leckie. Moodie won the Grand National from Howie and Peter Watt.
The track points leader Ross Watters was amongst a good turn out of Saloon which also included Joey Reynolds and Matty Stirling but Peter Low encountered a problem with transport and missed the opening heat. Kai Gilmour led the field away from Harry Bruce and Andy Ainslie whilst Holly Glen was caught up on the pit bend and dropped away. Ainslie and Bruce swapped places but then Stirling was shunted on the pit band and whilst he restarted soon retired. K. Gilmour lost the lead to Ainslie but he in turn lost out as Ian McLaughlin took the lead and through to win from Zak Gilmour and Watters. The start to heat two was hairy with H. Glen and Robertson pushed wide on the pit bend but as the cars bunched Barry Glen and Reynolds closed with the Glen car bouncing off a tyre whilst Reynolds hit the turnstile bend wall, suspending the race. Once Reynolds was assisted out of his car the grid was reformed with K. Gilmour leading from Bruce and Ainslie although the latter duo were again to swap places. Z. Gilmour and Jordan Cassie were running in close order and whilst they were slowly catching those ahead although they were in turn being caught by McLaughlin. Z. Gilmour moved into second soon to be joined by Cassie and McLaughlin. In the end it was a Gilmour 1-2 with Kai leading home Zak with McLaughlin third.
Ainslie was first to show when the final started but next time around it was K. Gilmour who was leading although Derek Duff was reeling them in Duff moved into second caught up with Gilmour to take the lead. Cassie moved into second and then the lead. Duff was shunted wide allowing McLaughlin, Watters and Z. Gilmour through. Watters was spun at the close as Cassie went on to win from Z. Gilmour and McLaughlin. 
The all action ORCi Ministox races were full of excitement and entertainment with Jamie Dawson the driver to beat. The Minis raced in a two thirds format with Ollie Sime leading the field away but next time round Abbie Carruthers was shunted wide. Finlay Gemmell led then lost out to Jay Carruthers but there was little they could do to stop Demi Ritchie who caught both then scampered away to win. J. Carruthers just held on to second whilst Gemmell had to fend off Robbie Scott to hold onto third. Heat was soon halted after A. Carruthers was sent wide, hit the wall on the main straight and was then collected by Ritchie. The field then lined up behind Kerr Paterson who led the field away but Ritchie hit a marker tyre and spun. The pack missed her but next time around Rhys Anderson rolled on the pit bend whilst Paterson and Mitchell spun on the main straight suspending the race again. This time it was Charlie Burgoyne who led the cars away from Bailey Millar and Rachel Kidd. On the run up to the flag Millar managed to get to the inside line and just got the win by the narrowest of margins with Kidd third. There was chaos at the start to heat three resulting in three cars spinning and one stopping on the racing line. The field was reformed with Sime leading but it was Kyle Rogerson who wasted no time in pushing through into the lead. Initially it was F. Gemmell he had to fend off Rogerson then Dawson although the latter took the lead with three to run. On the charge to the finish line Rogerson got alongside but Dawson won by the width of a bumper with F. Gemmell third.
Amongst those racing their Prostock Basics were newcomers Euan McLachlan, Amy Easton and Dylan Chisholm.
Mark Blackie Jnr led the field away but within a couple of laps he had Martin Duncan in close order with McLachlan third. Martin Joy was leading the charge and he began to reel in the leaders. He had just moved into second when McLachlan clipped the wall suspending the race. On the restart Duncan had to be at his best to fend off Joy over the closing laps with Callum Rennie making it a three way dice. In the end Duncan just made it to the line ahead of Joy and C. Rennie. Blackie Jnr led the cars away for heat two but when Eason sun the race was suspended. Although Blackie Jnr led on the restart he lost out to Duncan who quickly pulled away from the pack. Winfield dropped out from second with Duncan winning easily from C. Rennie and Lauren Ford, D. Chisholm and McLachlan diced over the lead but after a few laps had Aidan Galloway for company. McLachlan spun and this led Chisholm break away. The field bunched up behind Galloway and with M. Duncan trying to around the outside he was squeezed into the wall and rolled. The race was suspended  to allow Duncan out of his car. D. Chisholm's lead had disappeared but he held on until the start to the last lap when Boyle took the lead. Nicole Russell slipped into second with the Chisholm car bouncing off the wall and whilst he finished third he sent the Galloway car out of the race.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 647 213 3 674 402 217 975 419 7 652
Heat 2 402 7 3 647 674 679 975 419 92 17
Final 213 647 7 3 674 92 679 419 16 975
GN 7 679 92 280 975 647 3 674 16 17

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 684 122 670 86 38 697 136 124 19 760
Heat 2 121 122 684 697 670 86 600 626 747 38
Final 697 122 684 626 747 38 631 86 19 121


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 14 699 51 27 88 50 172 628 680 644
Heat 2 60 68 145 172 14 699 27 52 309 0
Heat 3 165 88 51 858 60 680 50 644 480 145
Final 60 51 88 14 858 480 165 172 699 680

Prostock Basics

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 17 698 64 410 65 999 374 348 764 700
Heat 2 17 64 688 698 348 999 411 82 65 0
Final 348 999 411 633 64 65 698 82 843 0