Saturday 2016

On a dry but chilly evening at the Cowdenbeath Racewall there was some close and fast racing in all the formulae with a few hefty shunts thrown in for good measure. Paul Honeyman made his first saloon appearance of the season when he raced Marc Honeyman’s car after the latter suffered a foot injury last week which will sideline him for a few weeks.

  • In the formula IIs Daniel Scrimgeour brought out his Polley shale car for his first outing of the year whilst Kyle Taylor was back up from Kelloe. Heat one saw Chris Burgoyne go through to win from Moodie and Robbie Dawson whilst after a couple of false starts Burgoyne made it a double heat win when he led home Dawson and Dennis Middler.
  • Moodie was back in action for the final after a diff change with Cranson going straight into the lead and running ahead of Brian Hogg Jnr. Moodie was running ahead of Burgoyne with Craig Wallace in close order and were quickly making their way through the pack. At the half distance Moodie was leading although Burgoyne was in close order and looking for a way through. Cranson was still third but was slowly being caught by Dawson with Dennis Middler and Wallace dicing for fifth. Over the closing two laps Burgoyne was nudging Moodie but the latter held on to record an exciting win with Dawson grabbing third from Cranson who had to settle for fourth.
  • Burgoyne was missing from the line up for the Grand National and it looked to be Cranson’s race but with only a couple of laps remaining tangled with a back marker and spun. This handed the lead to Dawson who went through to win from Wallace and Middler with Moodie finishing in sixth place with a recovering Cranson in ninth.
  • The second round of the Saloon Celtic Challenge saw Anthony McIvor head over from Northern Ireland whilst Paul Honeyman was having his first outing of the season. Heat one saw Irvine take advantage as the two leading cars tangled and he drove through to win from Barry Russell and Luke Grief. In heat two Greg Honeyman led from start to finish to chalk up another win and he led home McIvor, Grief, Strath and Irvine.
  • G. Honeyman led the field away when the final started for the Matty Munro Memorial Sheild but Irvine dropped to the tail of the field before starting to make inroads through the field. Strath had closed in on the leading group and whilst Grief managed to get through into the lead and win, Strath was the runner up with Keith Mitchell third and Irvine, with a strong run, finishing in fifth.
  • There was another good turn out of the ORCi stock rods with their British Championship just a fortnight away so it was a last chance for the drivers to get their cars set up.
    Heat one ended with white grade drivers filling the top three places with Simon Laing winning from Duncan Welsh and Chris Wallace with World Champion Michael Bethune in fourth place. In heat two Jim Pitcaithly made the better progress through the field and he went on to win from Bethune and Dougie McLean.
  • The cars lined up in a drawn grid for the final and when the race started Laing was quickly into the lead from Wallace but McLean began to reel in the leading cars and at the half way stage moved into the lead. Laing was holding on to second running just ahead of Wallace but Pitcaithly had managed to break away from the reds and was closing in on those ahead. With the laps running out Pitcaithly got ahead of Wallace and whilst he reeled in Laing the latter held on to the runners up spot with McLean a clear winner.
  • The opening ministox heat was the RGM Thistle trophy with Teri Linden debuting her new car. Mika Millar outdragged the others to move straight into the lead from Luke and Jack McCallum whilst Gary Paterson was delayed by a spinning car on the back straight. The McCallum brothers closed right up onto the tail of M. Millar When Logan Bruce spun on lap 7 the race was suspended and the field lined up behind M. Millar who made a good restart but the stoppage had allowed E. Millar and Steven Burgoyne to close the gap. This duo forced their way through into the lead positions and over the remaining laps there ran nose to tail. With two laps to go Burgoyne nudged E. Millar wide to dive through into the lead and held on to win from E. Millar whilst M. Millar was an excellent third. Grade prizes also went to Robyn Bruce, Luke McCallum, David Sinclair and Paterson.
  • In the heat which followed E. Millar just held off Burgoyne to win with Paterson in third place. Heat two saw E. Millar pick up his second win of the night when he fended of Burgoyne’s race long challenge whilst Kieran Adams was third.
  • There was a healthy turn out of microf2s with Jay Paterson (Lochgelly), Billie Dawson and Callan Walker having their first outing whilst Todd Anderson was down from Crimond for his first run at the Racewall. Elexie Bartram had made the trip from the Midlands to swell the field.
    Jamie Dawson went through to win the opening heat where he led home Jimmy Cartmel and Rebecca Reid.In heat two Dawson picked up his second win of the night when he crossed the line ahead of Bartram and Lewis Burgoyne. Dawson made it a clean sweep when he fended off Bartram to win with Reid in third place.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 647 7 854 16 41 92 30 192 652 17
Heat 2 647 854 41 16 652 30 217 250 922 0
Final 7 647 854 317 41 16 92 652 30 850
GN 854 16 41 92 652 7 30 850 317 321

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 85 600 219 229 507 207 50 96 711 38
Heat 2 207 711 219 625 85 96 600 507 70 50
Final 219 625 50 207 85 507 70 711 229 73


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Final 674 629 621 687 31 642 126 172 623 122
Heat 1 629 674 122 621 126 628 623 31 172 642
Heat 2 629 674 128 60 122 628 621 126 172 642

Stock Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 794 76 324 83 197 612 165 854 323 70
Heat 2 91 83 165 612 794 216 854 41 324 0
Final 165 794 91 324 612 240 83 197 24 216