Saturday 2016

It was a beautiful evening at the GMP Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night and whilst the spectators may have though it would be a quiet night boy were they mistaken! Pete Davidson had an entertaining night in the formula IIs rolling his car during the white/ yellow challenge heat where he was to escape with not too much damage. However during the early laps of heat two he spun with Jason Blacklock and before they could restart Daniel Scrimgeour and Paul Reid clambered over them. How Scrimgeour didn’t roll remains a mystery but Reid did, clattering his car off the wall and wrecking his wing. Luckily he stepped out unhurt.

On the other side of the coin the stock rod racing was fast with some close dicing especially between the World Champion Michael Bethune and the British Champion Jim Pitcaithly. Chris Burgoyne just back from Northern Ireland took a well deserved victory lap as he showed off his British Championship trophy. The 1300cc saloon drivers were in good form with 12 cars in action and when Jeff Cosans won his heat he tried to recall his last win. In the end he reckoned it was 25 years plus when he raced in the bangers!

  • Despite the formula II Ben Fund trophy meeting being staged down at Taunton there was a decent turn out of formula II drivers Their opening race was another of the white/yellow challenge series and after Davidson’s roll Kieran Howie led until the closing stages when Daniel Scrimgeour dived through and then on to win. Howie held on to second place with Holly Glen in third spot with C. Reid sixth and Burt seventh.
    The opening heat saw Howie go through to win from Craig Wallace and Scrimgeour with Cranson in fifth and P. Reid eighth. Heat two had a hectic start and was suspended after Reid’s spectacular rollover. On the restart Burgoyne went on to record a comfortable win over Robbie Dawson and Garry Sime with Howie in eighth and C. Reid tenth. When the final started Glen went straight into the lead from Howie but Burgoyne was quickly through the red graders and once he did he set off after the leaders. As soon as lap five he was leading the race and literally pulling away from the field. Dawson had moved to the front of the red graders and whilst he eased away from them wasn’t making an impression on Burgoyne’s lead. Burgoyne eased off slightly but was still well clear when he crossed the finish line from Dawson with Wallace in third place and Cranson back in eighth. The Grand National started off on a dry track but within a couple of laps it was coated with oil. Dawson was soon through into the lead but Burgoyne’s progress was amazing, finding traction where others couldn’t and given another lap could well have won. As it was Dawson was still ahead from Burgoyne with Wallace again in third with C. Reid in eighth place.
  • Brian Wilson and Gary Nicholls made their stock rod debut on Saturday night. The opening stock rod heat was their final and was for the Gordon Ross memorial. The cars were drawn in a random grid with Laing on pole with Simon Morris alongside with Bethune and Pitcaithly starting from row 3..Morris made the better of the starts to lead the field away but within a couple of laps Bethune was ahead but had Pitcaithly glued to his back bumper. Cameron Doak was third after getting ahead of Morris whilst Leon Stewart was making up ground from a lowly grid start. In the end Bethune hung on for a close win from Pitcaithly and Doak. The first heat saw James Gray go through to win from Matson and Bethune. Although Pitcaithly had crossed the line first he was penalized for an infringement thus handing the race to McLean with Matson third ahead of Bethune. 
  • Despite at least a couple of drivers being missing there were 12 1300cc saloons in action. The opening heat saw Grant McGowan go through to win from Anderson and Hastie with Wilson in fifth and Cosans seventh. Cosans turned back the clock when he went through to win the second heat from McGowan and Anderson. The final ended with Anderson picking up the win from Jordan Clark, McGowan and Cosans.
  • The ministox drivers were in good form with Euan Millar going through to win the opening heat where he led home Steven Burgoyne and Sean Naismith. In heat two Burgoyne fended off Millar’s late challenge to win with Naismith again in third. Heat three saw Burgoyne make a break from the pack and again he went through to win from Millar and Naismith.
  • The microf2s were in good form with the heat one going to Lewis Burgoyne from Ross McLaughlin and Rebecca Reid. Burgoyne then picked up his second win when he came out on top in heat two from Hannah Borthwick and Reid. Their last heat ended with Burgoyne making it a clean sweep when he led home Dawson and Muir.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W&Y 236 679 321 512 192 217 78 0 0 0
Heat 1 679 16 236 854 317 321 652 17 41 512
Heat 2 647 854 480 16 652 41 321 679 236 217
Final 647 854 16 236 41 480 652 317 321 512
GN 854 647 16 236 41 480 652 217 321 192


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 629 674 100 33 150 600 122 621 199 642
Heat 2 674 629 100 621 122 600 172 150 623 642
Final 674 629 100 607 600 172 623 199 687 150

Stock Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Final 83 91 216 612 644 165 194 476 794 324
Heat 1 197 24 83 165 216 41 91 644 696 476
Heat 2 165 91 24 83 612 194 644 41 794 476

1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 211 661 73 686 246 68 537 106 66 60
Heat 2 537 211 661 168 68 686 60 106 0 0
Final 661 168 211 537 68 60 686 0 0 0