Saturday 2016

The Saloon Scottish Championship usually provides plenty of fireworks and whilst this year’s race was exciting with plenty of contact. There were some problems found in the post race scrutineering and as such no result was declared until confirmation from the Saloon Stock Car Association. The race was basically led from start to finish by the defending champion Luke Grief but that only tells part of the tale! In the end Paul Honeyman, who was third was declared as the winner with only six cars finishing the race.

There were fireworks too in the ORCi stock rods where Jim Pitcaithly and Michael Bethune were loaded up for a bout of contact whilst in the final James Matson went through to win the Turner trophy from James Gray.
Chris Burgoyne was again the form driver in the formula IIs winning a heat and then the final but had to retire from the opening heat right at the start to the race.

The ministox drivers were again in good form with Steven Burgoyne winning two of the races but had to settle for a third in the other. Jamie Dawson had a clean sweep in the microf2s where April Todd, Samantha and Kyle Rogerson were making their debuts and they were joined on the grid by Elexie and Acacia Bartram from Uttoxeter. This was the biggest field of microf2s so far this year but is likely to be dwarfed when he Scottish Cup is run at the end of the month.

Kyle Taylor was back up from the north of England as he looks to secure the Novice of the Year trophy whilst Robbie Dawson and Pete Davidson were back in action. Local drivers were The opening heat was led off by Davidson but he was moved over as Paul Reid and Adam Blacklock relegated him down the order. Burgoyne bounced over a kerb and then slowed to retire. Reid couldn’t shake off Blacklock but once Craig Wallace got ahead of Robbie Dawson he began to reel them in. Holly Glen came to a sudden halt against one of the marker tyres on the main straight. As the race entered its closing stages Wallace got ahead of Blacklock and Reid in quick succession to take the lead and once there he went on to win. Reid brought his car home in second place with Dawson coming through into third. Heat two saw Dale Burt lead the field away but soon lost out to P. Reid and Blacklock. However Burgoyne was on a mission and carved his way through the field and forcing his way into the front early on. Once there he pulled away before going on to win from Wallace and Dawson.
Burt led the cars away when the final started but soon lost out to P. Reid and Blacklock who were again running nose to tail. Burgoyne made a good start from the back of the grid and was soon making up places whilst Dawson and Wallace were also running nose to tail but had lost a couple of car lengths to Burgoyne. Burgoyne began to close in on the leaders getting ahead of both in quick succession. Dawson and Wallace had caught Garry Sime and Blacklock and were dicing for third whilst Burgoyne took the lead. P. Red then dropped back as Dawson and Wallace caught and passed him. Burgoyne reeled off the remaining laps to win the final where he led home Dawson and Wallace. Blacklock went on to win the Grand National from Dawson but despite having to start almost a lap adrift Burgoyne picked up third place at the finish.

There was a good turn out of cars for the saloon Scottish Championship and the drawn grid paired the defending champion Luke Grief on pole with Ross Watters alongside whilst behind them were Jamie Connacher and Marc Honeyman. When the race started Grief went straight into the lead but when Ross Graham and Paul Honeyman tangled the race was suspended with Connacher and Irvine early casualties. The grid was reformed and again Grief led the cars away from M. Honeyman and Watters but Raymond Dick spun on the pit bend and somehow was missed by the pack. However when Patrick Calderwood’s car came to a halt on the pit bend the race had to be suspended. Grief again led the field away However a couple of laps after the restart the race was suspended again, this time after James Letford had been spun with his stranded car facing the oncoming traffic.
Grief again got the race underway from Watters but Graeme Anderson was spun by Barry Glen. M. Honeyman spun out of fifth as Ross Graham began to make inroads. P. Honeyman managed to get inside of Watters for second but on lap 19 with debris on the track the race was suspended. Grief again got the race underway and whilst he was first across the line from Graham and P. Honeyman there were a few problems in the post race scrutineering, In the end Paul Honeyman was declared as the Scottish Champion.

In the heat which followed James Strath sent Glen wide on the last bend to nip through to win but it was close with Glen managing to get alongside but just failed in his bid to snatch the win by a narrow margin with P. Honeyman third. However in post race scrutineering P. Honeyman was the new Scottish Champion.
Glen made no mistake in the second heat going on for a comfortable win in heat two where he led home Ian McLaughlin and David Hughes.

There was a good turn out of ORCi stock rod drivers with Michael Bethune leading Jim Pitcaithly in the track points by a mere 17 points with two meetings remaining. Gary Nicholls was back in action with a newly acquired car. The opening heat saw Pitcaithly and Bethune drive through the field with Pitcaithly just holding on to win with James Gray finishing in third spot. Heat two ended with Gray picking up a narrow win over James Matson with Martin Rankine elevated to third after both Pitcaithly and Bethune were removed from the results.

Steven Archibald led the cars away when the final started with Gray leading Matson as they charged through the field, Gray got ahead but couldn’t shake off Matson with the latter eventually finding the line to get him inside of gray and into the lead. Once there he opening up a useful gap before going on to win the Turner trophy final from Gray and Archibald.

The ministox drivers have been in good form this year and tonight was no exception with plenty of close and fast racing. The opening heat saw Steven Burgoyne come through the field to win from Ross McWilliam and Teri Linden. Heat two ended with McWilliam going through to win from David Sinclair and Burgoyne although the latter just fended off a late challenge from Sean Naismith. Lauren Ford led the cars away when the final started before Reece Din took over. Logan Bruce, Taylor Borthwick and Gary Paterson were in a shunt on the main straight. Mika Millar moved into the lead but then lost the lead to Sinclair and whilst he led for a couple of laps was caught and passed by Charlie Folan. Burgoyne had been making good progress and on the penultimate lap dived inside of Folan to take the lead and the win. Folan ended up as the runner up with Linden again in third place.

There was big turn out of microf2 drivers for the meeting augmented by the Bartram’s and newcomers Ford and the Rogerson’s. Jamie Dawson won the opening heat from Lewis Burgoyne and Rebecca Reid. Dawson then won heat two from E. Bartram and Callan Walker. Dawson then made it a clean sweep when he won the third heat from Burgoyne with Reid in third place.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 16 17 854 41 480 852 250 217 922 0
Heat 2 647 16 854 852 480 41 17 652 250 217
Final 647 854 16 480 852 652 17 41 250 203
GN 852 854 647 41 480 652 17 250 0 0

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 625 38 507 670 671 661 57 640 229 715
Heat 2 38 684 57 670 507 229 661 671 715 625


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
DFT 674 33 623 100 607 122 600 150 621 546
Heat 1 33 150 674 100 623 607 600 172 628 604
Heat 2 674 546 623 150 621 600 172 33 101 607

Stock Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 91 83 197 644 323 476 916 257 612 176
Heat 2 197 24 644 70 41 323 612 176 476 324
Final 24 197 70 644 41 323 324 612 476 916